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SVC Communication Student Interned with VH1 in NYC

Public Relations
Posted: Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

Saint Vincent College senior communication major Carly Marsh recently completed an internship with VH1 in New York City where she learned about the harsh realities of the network television business although she didn’t work on any reality shows.

“I gained a real understanding of how commercial television works,” Marsh commented. “It’s run by the corporation rather than local channels. And it’s all about money and ratings because you are cut if you aren’t good. It’s more cutthroat than a newsroom. It was a broad experience and I gained a new viewpoint. I learned that I would be happy wherever I end up in television, whether it is on the news or as a production assistant for a show like 100 Greatest Child Stars.”

Marsh had an opportunity to get up close and personal with some major music performers at the entertainment-oriented network. “I did a lot of transcribing of videos and organizational work, but I also had a chance to do some exciting work while shadowing interview shoots being done by professional reporters,” she said. “The very first interview I sat in on was for a band which was up and coming at the time -- The Lumineers. I had no idea who they were except that they had this song called Ho Hey which was on a Bing commercial at the time. It was really neat; we sat in on the interview and all these different brands from VH1 wanted to interview them; they had their web blogger and their promotional director. I was at the news department so we got to go interview them. After that interview shoot they were doing a live performance to put up on VH1’s website. We stayed in the back, nice and quiet, and we basically had this little one-on-one show with this band. We were very impressed. I came home and I heard their song on the radio. Now they have had number one hits and are Grammy nominated.”

“Another day, one of the stars from Glee, who plays Kurt, had written a children’s book,” Marsh related. “VH1 wanted to do a story on it so we scheduled an interview. The staff person who was assigned to do the interview was late. Finally, the videographer came to me and said, “You are doing this if she doesn’t show up.” I thought it was going to be my debut. I was all ready to go but the scheduled interviewer showed up. It wasn’t all glamorous…but I did enjoy being around all of the celebrities and the pop culture. It was fun.”

Marsh’s long-term goal is to be a television reporter. “I applied to Columbia University for journalism school where I would pursue a master of science degree,” she said. “I am hopeful of getting accepted but, If not, I will try to find my first reporting job in a smaller market. I would also consider a move to New York City.”
An interest in broadcasting began back in junior high school. “We didn’t have a morning news station like some schools. We had a magazine and in 7th and 8th grade I worked on that. Then in 9th grade I became editor-in-chief for the magazine. I was so excited about that and I really liked journalism,” Marsh explained. “In senior high we had news crew. I regret not taking more journalism classes in high school. I took broadcasting where I learned the basics of making videos. That sparked it! I wanted to be a reporter. It just clicked.” She graduated from Greater Latrobe High School in 2009. “Going into college I knew that’s what I wanted to do. SVC Career Services has a ton of connections and helped me get the internship.”

She has prospered in her studies at Saint Vincent. “I think SVC and its communication department is so broad that you can make it fit and it’s helpful,” she noted. I was doing news here and then I went to VH1 and was doing pop culture types of things so I have different skill sets for the workplace. I can do websites, press releases and ads, it all meshes together. It is almost better because I can do anything in the future. I will have a large understanding of the field which I can use when I put any story out there.”

In addition to her major studies in communication, she is also doing a second major in sociology. Marsh has been active on the equestrian team, teaches Zumba classes and is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and Lambda Pi Eta communication honor society. She is also a member of the culture pub and the women in business club. She has been on the dean’s list every semester.
After her experience working at VH1, she said that living in New York City was just great in general. “I would love to go back,” Marsh said. “I loved that everything was at your fingertips. Anything you would want to do is there -- athletics, shows, everything. It was culture shock. I hated it at first and wanted to go home. I didn’t think I could do it for ten weeks. But then finally it clicked and I didn’t want to leave. It was so fast paced. There’s never down time in New York and that’s the type of person I am.” She resided at Columbia University with other students who were interning for the summer.

Prior to VH1 she completed internships at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh and WJAC-TV in Johnstown. She has just completed an internship with KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh and has just started her fifth internship this semester back at WJAC-TV. “I work in the newsroom helping the desk, the producers and the director. I get to do a lot of writing,” she explained. In the summer of 2010, she participated in the Newcastle University Fulbright Program in Media and Journalism in England where she learned how the British press operates. As part of her communication studies, she is currently working on a series of videos that require interviews with current students. It’s called Bearcat on the Street. She has also had work/study jobs on campus with The Review student newspaper and the Saint Vincent Archabbey and Seminary Public Relations and Publications Offices.

Marsh, 21, is the daughter of Ron and Tammy Marsh of Unity Township and a member of Saint Vincent Parish.

---Photo: Saint Vincent College senior communication major Carly Marsh interned at VH1 in New York City.---