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Department of Criminology Adds Minors in Computer Security, Financial Investigations, Natural Sciences

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Posted: Monday Jan 6, 2014

Jan. 6, 2014

Saint Vincent College’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society in the School of Social Sciences, Communication and Education has announced the addition of three new minors in forensic studies – computer security, financial investigations and natural sciences.

“The field of forensics is a growing and dynamic one that has far outstripped its initial boundaries as a discipline only pertinent to the gathering of data at crime scenes,” commented Dr. Bruce A. Antkowiak, Saint Vincent College professor of law, legal counsel and director of the Criminology, Law and Society program.

“Today, a vast array of natural sciences has been brought to the field of criminal investigations and prosecutions where they have been joined by computer information science and financial investigation expertise as critical components of the criminal justice process,” he continued. “Within the next 15 years, natural scientists, computer security specialists and accountants will be having much more interaction with the legal system and the agents and attorneys within that system will need to carry on meaningful conversations with those forensic experts in the effort to do justice in each case.”

“Given this increasing need for the integration of the new forensics and the criminal justice system, minors in forensic studies seem particularly appropriate,” he concluded. “The goal of these minors is to provide students with a broad-based understanding of the particular concentration of forensics which they will choose to satisfy their minor requirements. It is not meant to provide them with all of the skills necessary to perform the job of a computer security specialist or a forensic accountant. Rather, the goal is to provide them with a working understanding of the integration of each of these disciplines with the criminal law so that the students may, if they wish, pursue those specializations in other undergraduate or future graduate study or, at a minimum, be able to conduct intelligent conversations with experts in those areas as they pursue careers in the legal field and/or law enforcement.”

Given the strength of the Saint Vincent computer security concentration available in the computing and information science department, and the traditional excellence of the natural sciences and business school curriculums offered by the Boyer School and McKenna School at Saint Vincent, the new minors offer a student a high level opportunity to succeed in these challenging areas.

While the minors are open to students from any undergraduate discipline, they are expected to be attractive to those who are already majoring in computing and information science, accounting or a natural science as well as those who are majoring in criminology, law and society. Details on the courses making up each minor are available from Antkowiak at bruce.antkowiak@email.stvincent.edu.


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