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Art Professor Ben Schachter Using Social Media to Fund Creative Project

Public Relations
Posted: Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

Jan. 28, 2014

Saint Vincent College professor of fine arts Ben Schachter of Pittsburgh is attempting to leverage the use of social media to fund a creative project on Kickstarter – a website that seeks funding for creative projects that has raised $947 million from 5.5 million people since its inception. Schachter’s modest but creative project involves the creation and distribution of stickers for the kitchen that refer to religious observance of Jewish dietary laws – Kashrut – that require separating milk from meat in cooking. Households that follow this rule often have two sets of dishes, one for each kind of food, labeled with little oval stickers that say “dairy” or “meat.” Then there are the foods that are not allowed, like shellfish. Those things are called TREYF and would not be in someone’s Jewish kitchen at all. The success of the project relies on timely printing, packing and shipping. Schachter has made the design and it is ready to go. All he needs now is people’s help to order the materials, print the stickers and ship them off to people to enjoy in time for Passover in April. The project will only be funded if at least $1,620 is pledged by Tuesday, Feb. 25. The stickers are meant to be a funny, tongue-in-cheek piece of art – each sticker is 1x2 inches and comes in sheets of 27. The image is printed in black on clear sticker pages. Further information about the project is available at www.kickstarter.com.


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