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Theology Chair Jason King Has Three Articles Accepted for Publication

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Posted: Friday Jan 31, 2014

Jan. 31, 2014

Dr. Jason King, associate professor and chair of the Theology Department in the Saint Vincent College School of Humanities and Fine Arts, has had three articles accepted for publication.

“The Exercise of Obedience and Authority in The Rule of Saint Benedict” has been accepted for publication in the American Benedictine Review.

“This paper explores how The Rule of Saint Benedict (RB) orders the exercise of obedience and authority toward forming monks in the love of God and others,” King commented. “RB does this in three ways. First, authority is not for controlling people but guiding them toward God. As such it depends more on the character of those in authority, typically the abbot in the monastery, rather than the ability to coerce people. Second, obedience is more about serving others than compliance. Monks are to do the good for another joyfully, avoiding self-righteousness, self-indulgence and resignation. Finally, listening is essential for keeping both authority and obedience oriented toward God and others.”

“Trying not to ‘shove religion down their throats’” has been accepted for publication in Religious Education. “In this paper, I attempt two tasks,” King explained. “First, I provide a genealogy of the U.S. Catholic colleges and universities to argue that the claim that theology is being ‘shoved down students’ throats’ has a historical background. Second, I indicate how pedagogical strategies – like service learning, discussions, paper revisions and ‘just in time teaching’ exercises – can be used in ways that both effectively teach theology and address the claim of students that classes in theology are coercive.”

“Feelings Revisited and Refined” has been accepted for publication in New Blackfriars. “This paper synthesizes new research on emotions to present a Lonerganian account of feelings, one that draws upon but also develops Lonergan’s original work,” King commented. “It concludes that feelings ‘frame’ one’s experience in a eudaimonistic way and, in doing so, suggest a script, a possible course of action.”


Photo: Dr. Jason King


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