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Seniors in McKenna School of Business Place Among Top 17% on National Assessment Test

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Posted: Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

Seniors in the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government at Saint Vincent College scored in the top 17% overall among more than 662 college and university schools of business in the United States on a national test administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

“Fifty of our business students took the exam this fall and overall they scored as well or better than students attending the nation’s best known colleges and universities,” Dr. Gary M. Quinlivan, dean of the McKenna School and professor of economics, said. “Sixteen percent of our students scored among the top 10 percent in the nation. Our overall score placed us in the top 17 percent of the 662 accredited business schools in the country. Our best scores placed the McKenna School in the top 9.9 percent of finance and top 6.6 percent of business law nationwide.” More than 128,000 business students nationwide have participated in this testing.

Dr. Quinlivan concluded that this places Saint Vincent seniors among the nation’s elite. “It’s an indication that the McKenna School is among the best schools of business in the nation,” Dr. Quinlivan commented, “since our students’ scores on the ETS are among the elite of the elite. Saint Vincent students are getting an Ivy League education in a small college setting. It’s a great value and a great investment in their futures.”

Faculty are at the heart of the McKenna School’s success. “I attribute much of our students’ performance to the excellent teachers we have in our School,” Dr. Quinlivan said. “We have long-term faculty who are excellent and we have new faculty who are incredible. They know their areas of specialty – finance, marketing, management and systems analysis – and are doing valuable research that keeps them current and gives students an opportunity to learn alongside them. We are one of only two schools in the country preparing students to work with SAP software that makes them immediately employable at highly competitive salaries.”

Dr. Quinlivan predicts that this latest evaluation will help place McKenna School graduates in the best career opportunities and will be of interest to prospective students who are seeking an option that is most likely to bring them success. “This is going to attract a lot more students of high ability to the McKenna School,” Dr. Quinlivan said, “and it will help current students get the best jobs.”

The success of McKenna School graduates is confirmed by their placement in employment or graduate school. “Of our School’s 109 graduates last year, 96 percent were accepted for admission to a graduate school or found a job in their field.

The median starting salary for all business majors was $43,000 including $44,500 for accounting, $45,170 for finance, $43,500 for management and $37,000 for marketing majors.

“Saint Vincent graduates do well because corporate recruiters want young people who have both top training in their field, good moral values and a broad liberal arts background that makes them excellent leaders, excellent communicators and excellent problem solvers,” Dr. Quinlivan concluded.


Photo: Dr. Gary Quinlivan