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Students, Faculty Present Papers at Philosophy Conference

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Posted: Monday Apr 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Three Saint Vincent College students and a faculty member presented papers at the Eastern Pennsylvania Philosophical Association conference at Misericordia University on April 5.

Dr. Eugene V. Torisky, associate professor of philosophy, made a presentation entitled, “Frey on Suicide.”

“R. G. Frey has argued that suicide may be defined very simply as intentional (knowing and willing) self-killing,” Torisky explained. “Reasons often given to excuse individual cases – she was sacrificing herself for others, he had no real choice – are rejected, and Frey maintains that the circumstances of the death of Socrates should lead us to describe him as a deliberate suicide too, although it does illustrate that suicide need not be ignoble or undignified. My paper provides a systematic critique of Frey’s position on Socrates, focusing on a weakness in Frey’s consequentialist definition of intention. It applies this analysis to people who jumped to their deaths from the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001, concluding that while Frey is correct that suicide has a harmful amount of stigma attached to it, it is a mistake to call the deaths of the 9/11 jumpers suicides.”

The three student presenters and their papers include Ryan Coyne, a senior joint philosophy and theology major from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, “Spinoza on Bondage and Reason, With a Consideration of the Duties of Friendship”; Evan Hrobak, a senior English  and philosophy major from Spring Church, “Violent Artists: Cruelty and Creativity in Nietzschean Ethics”; and Michael Parisi, a senior philosophy and theology major from Reading, “Morality, You’re Grounded: Nietzsche’s Experiment of Critiquing Morality for the Revaluation of Values.”

Also attending the conference were Dr. Michael P. Krom, associate professor and chair of the philosophy department, and Dr. George H. Leiner, associate professor of philosophy.


Photo: Saint Vincent College students and faculty who attended the Eastern Pennsylvania Philosophical Association conference were, from left, Dr. Eugene V. Torisky, Ryan Coyne, Evan Hrobak, Michael Parisi, Dr. Michael P. Krom and Dr. George H. Leiner. 


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