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Dining Services Ready to Serve Steelers Players, Coaches, Staff, Media and Fans

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Posted: Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

July 16, 2014

Saint Vincent College dining services has expanded by nearly 50 seasonal workers who will join a regular staff of 125 to prepare and serve the Pittsburgh Steelers players, coaches, staff, media and the tens of thousands of fans who will attend their 49th annual summer training camp opening Saturday, July 26.

Under the supervision of general manager Reggie Esmi and executive chef Dan Keeley, the department has been planning for months for the Steelers return by finalizing the menus for regular daily meals and healthy snacks for the players, coaches and staff as well as the menu for the Steelers guests and news media, and the field concessions for fans. Saint Vincent Dining ensures that the Steelers and all campus visitors enjoy the same high quality service and hospitality that students and other campus guests regularly experience.

“We try to change things up as much as possible to keep it interesting,” Esmi noted. “In addition to the regular menu, the players enjoyed being surprised with unexpected offerings.”

In preparation for the three weeks of camp, dining services placed an order which would dwarf those at some major restaurants. This year that order included a ton of beef (2000 pounds), 10,032 boneless chicken breasts, and 1,365 pounds of fish (haddock). The chefs who cook outside on charcoal grills daily have ordered 2,960 pounds of charcoal to keep the fires hot and ready for cooking.

The order also includes 1,200 pounds of cheese, 645 dozen fresh eggs, 1,360 turkey burgers, 432 pounds of buffalo burgers and 5,800 individual servings of ice cream novelties and frozen confections.

“The players love juice,” Keeley said, “We ordered 160 gallons of orange juice, 90 gallons each of peach, cranberry and apple juice and 50 gallons each of guava and grape juice. We will also serve more than two tons of fresh fruits since the players consume a total of about 120 pounds every day of bananas, plums, nectarines, peaches, oranges, apples, grapefruits and cherries.”

Most players like to eat as healthy as possible and will consume about 1,500 pounds of fresh vegetables in the next three weeks – about 50 pounds of in-season vegetables are served at every meal including broccoli, green beans, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots and squash. Many enjoy fresh greens and other selections from the salad bar.

For the fans who visit camp, the College will have concessions near St. Benedict Hall, in the Steelers Experience area, next to the Steelers merchandise tent near the parking area, and in the concession stand at Chuck Noll Field. The Shack snack bar inside the Robert S. Carey Student Center will also be open. Hours of operation for the concession areas are 1 to 6 p.m. on practice days.

The concession near the merchandise tent will be selling ice cream, hot dogs, chips and water while the Chuck Noll Field concession will have bottled water, Gatorade, nachos and cheese, ice cream, hot dogs and chips. The concession near St. Benedict Hall is a hydration station featuring bottled water, iced tea and Gatorade. The Steelers Experience area will have ice cream, hot dogs, chips, bottled water, pretzels, nachos and cheese, bottled soda and Gatorade. Some new concession plans are still being finalized.

“We enjoy cooking for the Steelers and serving them and their guests,” Esmi said. “We try to concentrate on healthy eating and ensuring that the players and coaches are happy.”

“Everyone loves the Steelers,” Esmi concluded. “We are proud to serve them in our dining room and enjoy seeing them satisfied. We want them to remember the quality and freshness of the food they ate here long after they leave Saint Vincent.”


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