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    Campus Setting: 

    200-acre picturesque campus in Laurel Highlands of PA


    Nearly 50 undergraduate majors and 10 graduate programs

    12:1 Faculty Student ratio

    87 percent of first-year students return as sophomores


    1,652 Undergraduate Students

    205 Graduate Students

    Male/Female Ratio: 53:47

    Median Age:  

    Undergraduate: 20

    Graduate: 29

    Annual Tuition and Fees:  

    Undergraduate: $33,426  for full-time undergraduates

    Graduate: varies by program

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    60 Clubs and Programs Offered

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International Students

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  • Greetings from Saint Vincent College

    Thank you for your interest in Saint Vincent College! Please read over the following information to ensure a smooth transition to one of our programs of study at SVC.

    Expenses for International Students

    Spending time at Saint Vincent College as an international student? Costs vary according to the program in which you are enrolled.

    First, it's important to determine the program in which you are interested. Are you a:

    • Traditional student, working toward a four-year degree?
    • Integrated Language Studies student, working to improve your English for later college study?
    • Traveling student on a study-abroad visit?
    • Graduate student in a master's or doctoral program?

    See below for the costs for each of the above options!

    Four-Year Degree

    First year*:
    Tuition and fees $34,054
    Room and board $10,814
    Other expenses** $ 3,000
    Total (estimated) $47,868
    *Charges are subject to change in future years.
    **Includes one-time International Welcome Week fee
    ***Other expenses estimates include the following: books, $980 per year; insurance, $500 per year; miscellaneous, $85 per month.

    Students will receive a bill for the amount they owe, but it will be sent by the traditional mail system and may be subject to prolonged delivery times. Please contact the College at any time for a current bill amount. Items such as insurance, books, etc. are included in the estimate as costs but ones that Saint Vincent College does not necessarily provide. Books may be purchased on campus and insurance should be arranged for prior to entering the United States. Please contact the Admission office for any needed clarification.

    Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. A typical scholarship for an undergraduate international student is $10,000-$15,000 for an academic year. 

    Study-abroad Student

    Full year:*
    Tuition and fees $33,814
    Room and board $10,814
    One-time International Welcome Week fee $240 
    Other expenses** $ 3,000
    Estimated Total $14,054-$47,868  

    *Charges are subject to change in future years.
    ***Other expenses estimates include the following: books, $980 per year; insurance, $500 per year; miscellaneous, $85 per month.

    Costs for students on exchange programs may vary according to institutional agreements.  

    Integrated Language Studies

    Program Costs
    Tuition per course/per semester $912
    Tuition for the intensive program per semester $4,560
    One-time International Welcome Week fee $240

    Students are eligible to take one or more classes, or the full-day intensive program. Students may reside in campus housing (housing is based on availability) and purchase campus meal plans.

    On-Campus Housing Costs
    $2,692-$3,430 (double-occupancy) per semester;
    $3,191 (single-occupancy) per semester

    College Meal Plan
    12 meals/week $2,334
    15 meals/week $2,499
    19 meals/week $2,566

    Graduate Student Seeking a Master's or Doctoral Degree

    Graduate Education Tuition $621 per credit
    Graduate Business Tuition $642 per credit
    Graduate Health Science Tuition $764 per credit
    Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Tuition $965 per credit
    Health Services Fee (per semester) $54 (9 credits or more per semester)
    Technology Fee (per semester):

    • $82 (less than 9 credits per semester)
    • $212 (9 credits or more per semester)

    International Welcome Week fee $240


  • Council of International Schools LogoSaint Vincent College has satisfied the requirements and is recognized as a higher education member of the Council of International Schools.