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Michael Krom
Dr. Michael Krom
Associate Professor of Philosophy

 List of degrees & schools:  St. Mary’s College of California, B.A., philosophy, minor in chemistry; M.A. in philosophy, Boston College; Ph.D., philosophy, Emory University.

Originally from:  Beaverton, Oregon.

Courses taught:  First Philosophy, Ethics, Thomistic Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Modern Liberalism in England, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science.

What I like about Saint Vincent:  This is a supportive community in which to grow intellectually and spiritually; the students are warm, personable, and generally open to reflecting on the challenging and perennial questions that constitute an examined life; the faculty support one another and form a genuine intellectual community; the monks help to ensure an outlet for spiritual development, and serve to remind us that we are always in the holy presence of God.

Memorable moment:  When I came to interview here, I was struck by the peacefulness and opportunities for silence that are so hard to find in the modern world (e.g. on the campus grounds, in the Basilica, in Leander Hall), and, of course, the pervasive hospitality practiced with sincerity and as a matter of habit by the whole community (e.g. the students where I had been teaching generally avoided interaction with adults, whereas here I found students opening doors for one another, approaching me to ask if I needed directions, etc.).

What most people don’t know about me:  I did not start going to church until my senior year of college, and became a Byzantine Catholic in 1999.