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Tom Cline
Dr. Thomas Cline
Professor of Marketing and Statistics

 Dr. Thomas Cline has taught at Saint Vincent for 13 years, teaching marketing with a focus on consumer psychology and sports marketing. In fact, his favorite class is Consumer Behavior, a subject in which he has co-authored three books and numerous articles. Students like the class because it explores "topics that examine the nature of human motivation in the marketplace."

His favorite part of Saint Vincent are the students, who are "are curious but respectful, hard-working, typically come from modest backgrounds, and they are beautiful." He strives to maximize his interactions with students by also acting as the men's golf coach, leading his team to the NCAA National Tournament this past season.

In his spare time, Dr. Cline enjoys designing throw-back sports board games, reading African-American sports history, coaching golf, playing piano and spending time with his wife and four children - which includes a passion for cooking Turkish food.