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    Thad and Bethany Pajak
    Drs. Thad and Bethany Pajak
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    I came in with a fairly average skill set, but I was able to get involved in so many activities at Saint Vincent that made me a dynamic person. It really became a launching pad. - Thad Pajak
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  • School of Humanities and Fine Arts 

    The Art Administration Performing Arts Concentration Program

    The Department of Music 

    Performing Arts Learning Objectives:

    • Students should know and be able to use discipline-based vocabulary.
    • Students should be able to critique their own work as well as the work of others.
    • Students should be able to identify stylistic characteristics.
    • Students should have acquired basic facility in a broad range of instruments.
    • Students should have acquired advanced facility in one instrument.
    • Students should have understanding of possible career paths.

    Arts Administration Major with Performing Arts Concentration
    Requirements (48 credits)

    Required each semester:
    MU 090 Recital Attendance - 0 credit

    Required courses (42 credits):
    AR 280 Museum and Performing Arts Studies - 3 credits
    BA 102 Survey of Accounting - 3 credits
    BA 104 Introduction to Management - 3 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 230 Introduction to Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
    HI 306 Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations - 3 credits
    MU 108 Music History and Literature: Baroque and Classical Periods - 3 credits
    MU 109 Music History and Literature: Romantic and Contemporary Periods - 3 credits
    MU 115 Fundamentals of Music Theory - 3 credits
    MU 208 Harmony I - 3 credits
    MU 320 Junior Seminar - 3 credits
    MU 325 Primary Instrument Lessons for Majors/Minors (minimum total of 3 credits) - 1 or 2 credits
    MU 410 Senior Research Project/Thesis - 3 credits
    MU 550 Internship - 3 credits

    Courses chosen from (6 credits):
    CA 235 Introduction to Web Design - 3 credits
    CA 285 Electronic Media or any combination of other music courses, lessons or ensembles offered by the department - 3 credits
    BA 150 Managerial Accounting - 3 credits
    BA 305 Business Ethics - 3 credits
    EL 109 Business Communications - 3 credits
    or any combination of other music courses, lessons, or ensembles offered by the Department