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    Becky Bush
    Becky Bush, C'06
     Becky is the Instructional Technologist at Chatham University. She was a Business Education Information Technology Major.
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    Education Department Chairperson
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    Becoming a Teacher

    What does it mean to become a teacher? How does a student prepare to be an effective teacher? Students at the Saint Vincent Education Department learn and are engaged in the following:

    • Successfully managing a classroom while establishing a sense of place where students experience an equitable and purposeful learning environment.
    • Using the latest technologies to prepare students for the challenges of the future.
    • Organizing and planning the day with a thorough amount of content knowledge and pedagogy skills.
    • Using a variety of instructional strategies to address student’s differentiated learning styles.
    • Displaying a sense of professionalism that permeates the classroom and personal lives.

    If this type of work sounds interesting and exciting, Saint Vincent College’s Education Department is the place where you can explore the possibilities of your vision. Prepare for a teaching career with a degree in education!

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