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    The French Program

    The French minor program of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages allows students to develop skills in the French language. The department’s mission is to prepare and enable students, through the acquisition of a second language, to participate in a multilingual and multicultural world.

    The French language program employs a culture-based communicative approach that fosters the requisite skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing French. Cultural awareness is integrated at every level since language is culture and culture is language.

    Students who minor in French have the opportunity to

    • develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing French.
    • develop an awareness and appreciation of the cultures of the francophone world.
    • engage in cross-cultural comparisons.
    • make connections with other disciplines of study.
    • participate in multilingual communities abroad or in the U.S.

    Requirements for French Minor (18 credits):

    A minor in French requires 6 courses beyond FR203.

    The following 4 courses are required ( 12 credits): 

    FR 315 Advanced French Grammar and Composition - 3 credits 

    FR 320 Developing Oral Proficiency in French - 3 credits

    FR 444 French Culture and Civilization - 3 credits

    Any 300 level course in literature - 3 credits

    Electives: Any 2 courses from the 200 or 300 level - 6 credits