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    The Spanish Program

    The Spanish program curriculum of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages allows students to develop skills in a second language. The department’s mission is to prepare and enable students, through the acquisition of a second language, to participate in a multilingual and multicultural world.

    The Spanish degree program employs a culture-based communicative approach that fosters the requisite skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Cultural awareness is integrated at every level since language is culture and culture is language.

    The Department's learning objectives are aligned with the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning. Your Spanish courses will allow you to:

    • Develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish.
    • Make connections to other disciplines of study by acquiring knowledge of the practices, products and perspectives of the cultures studied.
    • Gain greater insights into your own and other cultures, so that you can better appreciate and understand other people’s way of life, points of view and their contributions to the world.
    • Participate in multilingual and multicultural communities in the U.S. and abroad.
    • Spanish major requirements include courses in language, literature, conversation, and civilization taught by native speakers.
    • Practical experience using the language through internship opportunities in a variety of settings.
    • Experience the culture first-hand though study abroad or a Spanish immersion program.
    • Participate in an array of cultural events on campus hosted by Phi Sigma Iota, the international foreign language honor society, Spanish Club, International Student Union and Multicultural Student Life office. Students can also participate in cultural activities beyond the campus.
    • Language learning is a lifelong fulfilling endeavor. The ability to communicate in another language enhances professional aims and enriches personal interactions and experiences.

    Spanish Major Requirements(36 credits):

    The Spanish major requires 12 courses. Spanish 203 and Spanish 204 fulfill the core requirement as well as six (6) credits for the major. In addition, a major in Spanish requires 10 courses above Spanish 204. The following Spanish classes are required:

    SP 315  Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition - 3 credits
    SP 317  Introduction to Spanish Literary Analysis - 3 credits
    SP 320  Developing Oral Proficiency & Phonetics in Spanish - 3 credits
    SP 444  Peninsular Culture and Civilization - 3 credits
    SP 445  Spanish American Culture and Civilization - 3 credits

    Any 300 or 400 level Peninsular Literature class - 3 credits
    Any 300 or 400 level Spanish American Literature class - 3 credits
    Any three (3) courses above SP 204 - 9 credits

    Credits earned in approved study abroad programs fulfill require­ments for the major. Prior approval of study abroad programs is required from the department chair.

    Required Core Spanish Courses:
    HI 233   History of Latin America - 3 credits

    One course from the following:
    AR 100   Art and Music of Western Culture - 3 credits
    AR 101   Art History I:  Ancient through Renaissance- 3 credits
    AR 102   Art History II:  Baroque to the Present  - 3 credits

    One course from the following:
    EL 138   Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States - 3 credits
    EL 236   Modern European Literature - 3 credits
    EL 145   Reading as Writers: Poetry - 3 credits
    EL 252   Literary Translation Workshop - 3 credits

    One course from the following:
    AN 222   Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 328   Linguistic Anthropology - 3 credits
    SP 550 is highly recommended.

    Spanish majors are required to pursue a second major or a minor. Spanish majors are also required to develop a portfolio and undergo annual assessments of their oral skills.

    Teacher Preparation
    Students seeking Spanish teaching certification for grades K-12 will take a minor in Education. Students are directed to read about teacher certification requirements in the Education Department section of the Saint Vincent Bulletin.  They are also advised to contact the chairperson of the Education Department for additional guidance. A student should declare an education minor in the Registrar's office.

    Spanish Minor Requirements (18 credits):
    A minor in Spanish requires six courses above SP 203. The following four (4) courses are required:

    SP 315 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition - 3 credits
    SP 320 Developing Oral Proficiency & Phonetics in Spanish - 3 credits
    Any 300 level course in literature - 3 credits
    Any course in culture and civilization - 3 credits

    Elective Any two (2) courses above SP 203 - 6 credits