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    This video explains why theology is the art of faith seeking understanding.
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    Dr. Christopher McMahon
    Associate Professor of Theology
    As a member of the faculty, I really appreciate the sense of community at Saint Vincent.
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    The Theology Program

    The Theology Program at Saint Vincent College offers thoughtful and comprehensive scholarship on Scripture and Tradition. Students majoring in theology will not just learn what it means to be a Christian; they will also be able to relate the Christian tradition to contemporary topics.

    Our theology professors, who are experts in their fields, will guide all theology students on their way to graduation. Studying on a Benedictine campus means you will get to experience first-hand what it means to live a life in faith. Beyond the classroom, Saint Vincent Campus Ministry and other service-learning opportunities allow you to carry what you learned into your community. 


    How being a Theology major will help students before and after graduation: 

    • The Theology Department has more than 40 majors and minors. 
    • 92 percent of all Theology graduates have a job or pursue graduate studies upon graduation. 
    • 15 percent of them are currently employed as high school religion teachers. 
    • 20 percent are employed as youth ministers. 
    • 25 percent are pursuing graduate work in theology at places including Harvard Divinity School, Boston College, Villanova University, University of Dayton, and Catholic Theological Union.
    • 15 percent are enrolled in professional programs such as law school, medical school, or graduate programs in counseling. 
    • 1 percent of them are in seminary. 
    • The rest of the majors are employed in a variety of fields including higher education administration, community organizing, health care, marketing, and accounting. 
    • 25 percent of majors do internships in youth ministry and high school teaching to gain valuable work experience. 
    • Every theology major who has gone on to graduate school has received funding ranging from full-tuition scholarships to full-tuition scholarships with stipends to cover room and board.


    Students majoring in Theology at Saint Vincent College will be able to: 

    • Understand the meaning of the Christian scriptures and the various methods necessary for studying them.
    • Understand and contextualize the major doctrines of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.
    • Understand the relevance of the Christian tradition to contemporary moral issues.
    • Understand the Catholic approach, as articulated by the Second Vatican Council, to the true and holy as expressed in other religious and intellectual traditions.

    Theology MajorPhilosophy Theology Joint Major | Theology Minor 

    Theology Major Requirements: (30 credits)
    The basic requirements are below. Majors wishing to focus on ministry, graduate schools, or teaching high school need further courses chosen in conjunction with the chair of the department.

    TH 119   First Theology
    TH 300   Systematic Theology
    TH 301   Biblical Theology
    TH 499   Theology Capstone
    One course in scripture (TH 201-249)
    One course in moral theology (TH 250-299)
    One course in doctrines (TH 300-349)
    One course in religious traditions (TH 350-399)
    Two Electives
    Exit Interview: 0 credits

    Joint Major in Philosophy and Theology Requirements: (57 credits)
    The joint major in philosophy and theology was specifically designed for students who are interested in pursuing studies in both disciplines; the major will help such students to appreciate the similarities, differences, and relationship between philosophy and theology. 

    From Philosophy:
    PL 120   Logic
    PL 201   Ancient Philosophy
    PL 202   Medieval Philosophy  
    PL 203   Modern Philosophy
    PL 204   Kant and His Successors
    PL 206   19th and 20th Century Philosophy
    PL 215   Ethics
    PL  240 The Influence of Philosophy on Theology, Then and Now
    PL 440 Senior Capstone Exam
    PL 450  Senior Thesis
    Six credits in Philosophy Electives

    From Theology:
    TH 119    First Theology
    TH 300   Systematic Theology
    TH 301   Biblical Theology
    TH 499   Theology Capstone
    One course in scripture (TH 201-249)
    One course in moral theology (TH 250-299)
    One course in doctrines (TH 300- 349)
    One course in religious traditions (TH 350-399)
    One Theology Elective (TH 250, 255, 275, 280, 315, 320, 335, 344, 348, 365, 385)

    Theology Minor Requirements (18 Credits)
    TH 119   First Theology
    TH 300   Systematic Theology
    TH 301   Biblical Theology
    Three other theology courses