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  • Commuting and Off-Campus Living

    Freshman Commuter Students

    While Saint Benedict Hall houses freshman residential students, we hope that it will serve as a center for all first-year students—a place for camaraderie, study, seminar classes, lounging, and much more. To this end, we provide all first-year commuter students with access to Saint Benedict Hall. You may use your ID card to gain entrance into the building to take advantage of the lounge, classroom, computer lab, game room, and kitchenette.

    Furthermore, all first-year commuter students have been assigned to a “home” neighborhood. Your home neighborhood is where you will meet for specified Orientation activities and is a good place to start meeting new people. The prefect of your home neighborhood is also available to assist you as a resource. Home neighborhood assignments will be mailed to commuting freshmen prior to August 1st.

    If you are a commuter student, you may change to residential status at any time during the academic year, space permitting. The Dean of Students will work with the student to determine suitable accommodations.

    Spend a Night

    Interested in seeing what residence hall living is all about? If you would like to spend a night or two in the residence halls to get a better feel for residential living, we would be happy to pair you up with a host. Please call us at 1-800-782-5549 to find out more.