Meet some of our successful current students

Jordan Bordonaro

Highlands High School, 2013
3/2 engineering Major
SVC Class of 2018

“I liked that Saint Vincent was Catholic and thought it would help keep me grounded. I also knew that it had an excellent academic program. I discovered that their financial aid programs make it very affordable. I am paying for school myself and it turned out that five years in this program is less expensive than four years at another engineering school and I will have two degrees. And, finally, I am close with my big family and going to Saint Vincent enables me to visit my parents, my three sisters and my grandma.  Saint Vincent has challenged me academically. I have a friend who is a year ahead of me in the 3/2 program and is already at Pitt studying electrical engineering. He said that he thought Saint Vincent really prepared him well. I feel the same way so far because the teachers are all wonderful.”

Patrick Coyle

Notre Dame High School, East Stroudsburg, 2014
Management Major
SVC Class of 2018

“The reason I started my LLC was because I wanted to test all the things I learned last year, such as what I learned in my introduction to management course and especially a lot of focus on what I learned in my accounting course. Though, what I really want to do is web design in the Poconos, particularly I want to create a local events and services website sometime in the future. I noticed that I like to pick things up and just start doing it. I like to teach myself new skills and to adapt what I’ve learned at Saint Vincent through my studies and through the OE trip to Turkey as well as using my creative interests to build my business ventures, my career. Each interest and each experience has opened up a whole new round of possibilities for me.”

Maria Franey

Franklin Regional Senior High School, 2015
Biochemistry Major
SVC Class of 2019

“Attending Saint Vincent College has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life because not only does it have excellent education standards, it also provides opportunities for students to learn outside of the usual classroom setting. The entire campus exudes a welcoming atmosphere, and people with varying interests and views find ways to get along. They cooperate in order to make their organization, as well as each other, better. That's why I love SVC. Here, it's not about becoming a great student, it's about becoming a great person.”

Justin Hoffman

Norwin High School, 2016
Biology Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent’s community is well-rounded to help assess any situation a student may have. The staff helped me through situations that helped me grow as an individual and a student.”

Erika Hudock

Greater Latrobe High School, 2013
Communication Major, Marketing Minor
SVC Class of 2016

"As an intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, I  was fortunate enough to work all of the playoff games in May and June. My duties included working the game night Silent Auction and posting to our social media accounts about the auction and 50/50 Raffle. The Foundation reached a record-high total this past season of over $1 million for the 50/50 Raffle. All of the money raised was distributed and donated to over 100 local charities across the Pittsburgh region through a grant process. Interacting with fans and helping the community, especially the youth, makes being part of this organization the most rewarding experience.”

Courtney Kahl

Derry Area High School, 2014
Business Management Major, Operational Excellence, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Minors
SVC Class of 2018

“SVC has helped me to prepare for my career by aiding me to find multiple internships in my areas of interest. I have learned applicable business skills at all of my internships to help me in my future.”

Edward Kilkeary

Greensburg Central Catholic High School, 2014
Finance Major, Operational Excellence Minor
SVC Class of 2018

“Saint Vincent has provided invaluable experiences to prepare me for my career. From the department heads to the Career Center, the college is filled with individuals willing to help you succeed in the professional world. The education and support received here at Saint Vincent College has no doubt prepared me for the next steps in my life.”

Alexandra G. Lahoud  

Trinity School at Meadow View, 2014
Falls Church, Virginia
Theology and Psychology Major
SVC Class of 2017

“My internship with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was an excellent application of my dual majors at Saint Vincent. As a double a major in theology and psychology, it can be challenging to incorporate them both into any work experience. However, my internship did in fact integrate both. The work is assisting me in discerning a potential career path for the near future. I’m blessed to have worked at the USCCB  and I’m sure that God will continue to guide me and reveal Himself to me wherever I go.”

Greg Martin

Hempfield Area High School, 2013
Accounting Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent College has helped me greatly in preparing for life after college. The accounting faculty provide real-life and accurate examples to help prepare you for the real world. The small class sizes help you to get to know your professors and establish relationships that will last after college. The faculty care about the students and want to see them succeed as professionals in the real world.”

Gage McCracken

Norwin High School, 2016
Mathematics Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of life, while also becoming a more self-sufficient person.”


Naomi Schwaiger

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 2015
International Business Major, Marketing and German Minors 
SVC Class of 2019

“Saint Vincent has allowed me to create a lot of relationships with people with many different interests and perspectives on numerous things. Being surrounded by this allowed me to grow as a person by understanding different people. The professors at Saint Vincent are wonderful and are so willing to help you succeed.”

Katharine Stallings

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 2014
Environmental Science Major
SVC Class of 2018

“Saint Vincent has helped me find out who I am supposed to be. I've been able to travel to different states and national parks with the Outdoors Club. Those trips and experiences made me realize that I want to be a park ranger. I was also able to go on a service trip to Alaska. Being in Alaska made me realize how important it is to leave your comfort zone and take advantage of all of the opportunities that Saint Vincent has to offer.”

Christina Whetzel

Mount Pleasant Area High School, 2013
Mathematics Major, Sociology Minor
SVC Class of 2017

“During my first years at Saint Vincent, I had imagined myself either getting into teaching or actuarial science. Computer science was not even on the list of possibilities. However, after interning at Information Age Technologies Inc. and being introduced to the field, I have found it to be fulfilling work and wish to remain on this career path. My fellow co-workers have done a tremendous job of teaching me what used to be a completely foreign subject. Although I have much left to learn, I am certain that IAT possesses all of the resources needed to aid me in career building in this field.”