English as a Second Language Specialist

Are you interested in working with culturally and linguistically diverse students in the public school setting? Would you like to expand your preparation to teach PreK- 12 English language learners (ELLs) in your content area? Would you like to enhance your employability for teaching in multicultural settings?

Saint Vincent College announces an intensive add-on Pennsylvania K-12 ESL Program Specialist Certificate over the Spring, Summer, and Fall terms (16 graduate credits).

What Can I Do With an Endorsement as an English as a Second Language Specialist?

Educators who obtain this add-on certificate are well prepared to teach ELLs at various levels of English language proficiency. Newly certified and in-service PreK-4, middle level English and secondary English teachers can qualify to be an ESL teacher in the content area of English Language Arts by adding on the K-12 ESL Program Specialist Certificate. This same certificate also prepares content area teachers to effectively plan and implement culturally responsive instruction with ELLs in their specific disciplines. English language learners represent the fastest growing K-12 public school population, a trend which is expected to continue.

Becoming an ESL Program Specialist offers many unique multicultural opportunities in addition to teaching in the public school. Having this certificate can open doors to international travel opportunities and can serve as a springboard for earning a Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language internationally. TESOL teachers do not have to be fluent in a foreign language since the approach is to teach real-life English skills, often with a focus on social/conversational communication and/or context-specific (e.g., business English) skills. Careers in TESOL are projected to grow as fast as the average for all teaching occupations. 

Requirements for a Endorsement as an English as a Second Language Specialist

The Saint Vincent’s unique accelerated 1-4-1 schedule is designed for in-service teachers and new graduates.

The offering schedule is one course in the Spring (ED 390* or GCSE 697), four courses in the Summer (GCLC 609, 619, 629, & 639) and one online practicum course, GCLC 649, in the Fall in conjunction with 60 hours of practical experience with ELLs in schools. All of these courses are held one evening a week and are designed not to conflict with daytime employment.

*Students who recently completed the teacher certification program at Saint Vincent College or already have a three-credit English as a Second Language course can waive the Spring GCSE 697 or ED 390.

SVC alumni receive a 15% discount.

Summer classes begin in May and are offered in a seven evenings plus one Saturday. Two courses are held graduate Summer term 1 (May to June) and two courses are held Summer term 2 (July- August).

Spring course  

  • GCSE 697 Teaching Culturally Diverse Students with Limited English Proficiency

Summer courses  

  • GCLC 619 Applying Cultural and Linguistic Integrative Methodologies
  • GCLC 609 Developing Grammatical Competence in a New Language and Culture
  • GCLC 629 Formative and Summative Assessments in ESL Instruction and Programs
  • GCLC 639 Professional Advocacy for ELs and their Families in Schools and Communities

Fall course  

  • GCLC 649 Practicum in English Language as a Second Language 

How Do I Apply?esl-apply
To  Apply

Contact the coordinator,
Dr. Kathleen Ramos

Complete the application for Graduate Education.

email: amanda.gunther@stvincent.edu

Enroll in the courses.