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    The History Program

    Studying history at Saint Vincent College will enable students to:

    • Identify the particular forces most relevant to the development of an idea or institution, and trace the interactions of those forces through inception, development, transformation and decline
    • Relate historical forces to one's own growth
    • Understand a work of literature in relation to literary and cultural history
    • Develop students' intellectual understanding of both the facts of historical events and their broader significance;
    • Nurture (students') skills in critical thinking
    • Cultivate effective oral communication
    • Develop effective written communication
    • Enable students to more fully appreciate the complexity of human experience


    Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History
    The History major consists of 36 credits. The balance of the 124 credits required for graduation can be composed of electives or courses required for one or more minors or a second major. Students should choose electives in consultation with their major advisor.

    Major Requirements (36 credits)

    1. Area Studies
      History majors are required to complete three of the following areas for a total of 18 credits at the 100 level:
      HI 102,103    Western Civilization I:  Ancient Greece and Rome & Western Civilization II:  Medieval and Early Modern Europe - 6 credits
      HI 104,105    Contemporary Europe I & II - 6 credits
      HI 106,107    Topics in U.S. History to 1865 & Topics in U.S. History since 1865 - 6 credits
      HI 108,109    Traditional East Asian Societies & Modern East Asian Societies - 6 credits
      HI 110,111     English History to 1485 & English History:  1485 to Present - 6 credits
      HI 123, 124   Global History I & II - 6 credits
    2. Upper Division History Classes
      History majors must take three courses, or nine credits, from the 200 level offerings.
    3. Majors only courses
      History majors will be required to take HI 300: The Historian’s Profession in either the fall or spring of their sophomore year; HI 301: Junior Research Seminar in their junior year; and HI 302: Senior Writing Seminar in the fall of their senior year.
    4. Non-Western Course Requirement
      The History major is required to take one course that is designated non-Western. This is not an additional course, but should be fulfilled by careful selection of either area studies or upper division courses. Courses that are designated as non-Western include: HI 108, HI 109, HI 123, HI 124, HI 208, HI 209, HI 224, HI 232, HI 233, HI 245, HI 270, HI 280, HI 281. Most non-Western courses will be offered on a two to four year rotation, so students should be aware of what is available in any given academic year. For an updated list of non-Western courses, consult with your advisor.

    Teacher Preparation for Elementary and Secondary Certifications
    Requirements for Certification in Citizenship (7-12) and Elementary Education
    In addition to a major in History and fulfillment of the Core Curriculum, the certification candidate must satisfy the requirements of the Education Department of Saint Vincent College.

    Minor in History
    A minor in History consists of 18 credit hours. Six of these credit hours are in fulfillment of the Core Curriculum requirements. The remaining 12 credit hours may be taken from any of the 100 or 200 level courses that the History Department offers. The Department requires that three (3) of the 18 credits be at the 200 level.

    Minor in Public History
    The minor in Public History consists of 21 credit hours.  Required courses are HI 201, HI 202, HI 550 (to be taken in that order) and HI 306 and HI 258.  The remaining credits may come from the following course options:  AN 230, AR 280, AR 310, HI 307, HI 254.  The option list may change as new courses are developed; check with the department chair or your advisor for the most current list.
    Recommended courses that would be a good complement to the minor include:  HI 106, HI 107, HI 233, AR 102 and AR 200.  HI 201 and HI 202 cannot fulfill history major requirements.

    Interdisciplinary Courses
    Some semesters the History Department may offer interdisciplinary or cross-listed courses. Students are urged to consult the course listings for each semester on the availability of these courses.

    History majors interested in pursuing law as a career should consult with their academic advisor in the History Department. In addition, students with a major in History are eligible to participate in a cooperative program between Saint Vincent College and Duquesne Law School that allows students to earn their bachelor's degree and Juris Doctorate degree in six years. In this program, qualified students who complete their first three years of study at Saint Vincent, fulfilling the Core Curriculum requirements and the requirements for the major, may transfer into the Law Program and complete the requirements for the Juris Doctor in three years. For details, see the explanation of this program in the Pre-Law section of the Saint Vincent Bulletin.