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Music History

  • Minor

The Music History Program

The music history minor requires that the student complete required courses in World Music, Music History: Baroque and Classical Periods; Music History: Romantic and Contemporary Periods; Survey of Musical Theatre and Opera; Fundamentals of Musical Theory and Gregorian Chant, the last of which is offered through Saint Vincent Seminary. In addition, the student must attend recitals each semester.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Minor in Music History

    Music History Minor (18 credits)
    Required each semester:
    MU 090 Recital Attendance - 0 credit

    Required courses:
    MU 106 World Music - 3 credits
    MU 108 Music History: Baroque and Classical Periods - 3 credits
    MU 109 Music History: Romantic and Contemporary Periods - 3 credits
    MU 112 Survey of Musical Theater and Opera - 3 credits
    MU 115 Fundamentals of Music Theory - 3 credits
    MU 720 Gregorian Chant (Saint Vincent Seminary Course) - 3 credits

Program Highlights

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students should know and be able to use discipline-based vocabulary.
  • Students should be able to critique their own work as well as the work of others.
  • Students should be able to identify stylistic characteristics.
  • Students should have acquired basic facility in a broad range of media/instruments and/or research methods.
  • Students should have acquired advanced facility in one medium/instrument.
  • Students should have understanding of possible career paths.