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Sports and Media

  • Bachelor of Arts

Sports and Media is an interdisciplinary mix of courses meant to provide students with a foundation in communication and business supported by specialty courses in media production, publication layout, and web design. The program’s aim is to provide the background necessary for a career in the fields of athletic communication and sports information.

Saint Vincent College graduates have already established a long line of success working in sports at all levels, including with our hometown Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. Now, with dedicated programs that will give students even more classroom and experiential learning opportunities, you will be uniquely prepared to enter this challenging and competitive field.

What Can I Do With A Major in Sports and Media?

Sports and Media majors will take a full set of Communication courses, as well as courses in history and business, that develop a versatile approach to this job field. With a 24-hour news cycle and the constant need for content creation, this new program will prepare students for positions such as:

  • Digital content creator
  • Social media manager
  • Sports information director
  • Public relations/Communications specialist
  • Digital marketing specialist

Students will also be required to complete an internship prior to graduating to further your knowledge and gain valuable experience working in this profession. Our graduates who are working or have worked in sports point to their internships as a critical factor in their success.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports and Media

    Sports and Media Major Requirements Total credits: 48

    Required Communication Courses (30 Credits)
    CA100: Introduction to Mass Media *
    CA110: Introduction to Organizational Communication *
    CA120: Public Presentation *
    CA130: Introduction to Digital Media **
    CA230: Writing for Media **
    CA240: Public Relations Strategies **
    CA285: Digital Layout & Design **
    CA302: Athletic Communication ***
    CA550: Internship ****&

    One of the following:
    CA415: Creative Campaigns ****
    CA435: The Digital Media Professional ****

    Required Non-Communication Courses (6 Credits)
    BA211: Sports Media, Promotion, and Marketing **
    HI263: Play Ball**

    *First Year Course
    ** Second Year Course
    *** Third Year Course
    **** Fourth Year Course

    Elective Courses (12 Credits)
    AR330: Digital Photography/Post Production
    BA170: Organizational Behavior (Required for BA209)
    BA209: Sports Administration
    CA140: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
    CA201: Communication Research Methods
    CA218: Intercultural Communication
    CA235: Web Design
    CA255: Documentary Studies
    CA301: Sports and Retail Branding/Design
    CA305: Advanced Video Editing
    CA307: Media Literacy
    CA309: Social Media Culture (FORMERLY DIGITAL CULTURE)
    CA311: Race, Gender, Class, & Media
    CA350: Non-Profit Communication
    CA351: Media Effects
    CA355: Advanced Public Relations

Program Highlights

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of their college journey, students will:

  • Develop competencies in the generation of sports content via disparate communication technologies (video production/editing, publication layout, web design, and social media).
  • Perform theoretically grounded critiques of mass media artifacts that address diversity and incorporate global perspectives.
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking skills.
  • Analyze issues related to creating ethical messages for diverse audiences.

Success Stories

Faculty Contact

David Safin
Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Communication
(724) 805-2530