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    The Master of Science in Counselor Education Program

    The Saint Vincent College Master of Science Degree in Counselor Education, certifying in PA School Counseling PK-12, prepares candidates for a career as a   professional counselor in the school setting.  Candidates will receive instruction in school policies and clinical   counseling for children and young adults.  The 39-credit program is contemporary in design in that it addresses current trends and theory and includes extensive competency-based fieldwork, PK-12, that prepares candidates for the 21st century.  The program is designed to provide excellent training and experiences in current methods, trends and strategies to become effective school counselors. Candidates will be offered resources, professional contacts and tools that enable a pre-service counselor to be successful and effective in guiding youth to reach academic, social and professional goals. Candidates will be exposed to current philosophies, assessment reporting, community collaboration, creative practices and proactive counselor trends that help develop student achievement and a strong school leadership team.  Candidates graduating from this program will be prepared to take the Praxis II: Professional School Counselor exam. 


    • To provide excellent training and experiences in current methods, trends, and strategies to become an effective school counselor either at PK-12 levels.
    • To offer resources, professional contacts, and tools that enable a pre-service school counselor to be successful and effective in guiding youth to reach academic, social, and professional goals.
    • To provide insight into current philosophies, assessment reporting, community collaboration, creative practices, and proactive counselor trends that help develop a strong school leadership team and student achievement.

    Courses Required for Master’s in School Counseling (39 credits): 

    GCCE 601  Orientation to Counselor Education, Services, and Technology
    GCCE 611   Career and Lifestyle Counseling 
    GCED 650  Human Learning 
    GCCE 621  Counseling of Children and Young Adults 
    GCCE 631  Theory and Practices of Group Counseling
    GCCE 641  Counseling Techniques for Violent, Addictive and Abusive Behaviors 
    GCED 605  Statistics and Research Design 
    GCED 615  Curriculum and Systems Design
    GCED 620  Assessment and Diagnostics  
    GCED 645  Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives in Education   
    GCSE 607  Family and Professional Collaboration                  
    GCSE 697  Teaching Culturally Diverse Students with Limited English Proficiencies         
    GCCE 651  Pre-Practicum in School Counseling
    GCCE 661  Practicum in Counselor Education
    GCCE 671  Internship in Counselor Education

    Course Descriptions   

    Sequence and Schedule 

    The Counselor Education master’s degree is designed to be an accelerated 39-credit hours program that can be completed in approximately 20 months.  Courses are held in the fall, spring and summer semesters  in accelerated 7-week sessions offered one night per week between the hours of 6 and 10 pm and one Saturday per course.  Each full semester has two accelerated 7-week sessions. Thus, students can take two courses a term driving to campus one evening per week. At the close of the coursework, a comprehensive exam is taken. The exam is offered each term, enabling students to graduate year around. An additional final competency evaluation is required along with a portfolio of experiences and resources illustrating the student’s proficiency in school counseling (PK-12).  


    Obtaining Pennsylvania PK-12 School Counselor Certification with a Master of Science In Counselor Education 
    Students will be eligible for PK-12 school counselor certification upon completion of their degree, passed comprehensive exam, satisfactory final competency evaluation and portfolio review. Students are also required to pass the required PA certification test for PK-12 School Counselor.

    Regular Admission 
    Possess an earned Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.  Official transcripts must be submitted from each institution attended to the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education. 

    1. Have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0. For a GPA lower than 3.0, applicants will be reviewed for provisional acceptance. 
    2. Send three recommendations  to the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education. 
    3. Personal statement explaining your desire to obtain a graduate degree. 
    4. Submit completed Graduate Education Application

    Provisional Acceptance 
    If a student does not meet the above requirements for regular admission to the graduate programs in education, consideration will be given for acceptance on a provisional basis.  The student will be required to maintain a 3.75 GPA over the course of completing three graduate classes.  If the student is able to maintain a 3.75 grade point average he/she will be reviewed for regular admission. A student within this status will not be allowed to take more than 9 credits of graduate coursework.  If the student is not able to maintain a 3.75 GPA after completing 9 credits of graduate coursework, regular admission will be denied.  The provisional acceptance will still allow a student to qualify for financial aid if needed. 

    Graduate Non-Degree Status 
    If a student does not want acceptance to a graduate program but would like to register for graduate classes the student may apply as a graduate non-degree seeking student.  This allows the student to register for up to 9 graduate credits without applying or being accepted to a program.  In order to register under this status a student must complete the graduate non-degree application and submit official transcripts to the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education.  Once this information is received the student will be contacted regarding registration for classes. A student within this status is not eligible for financial aid. 

    **The Graduate Non-Degree Status also serves the student who decides to apply to a program right before the semester begins without ample time to complete the application.  The student can begin taking classes as a Graduate Non-Degree student while completing the application for admission.**