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William Snyder Ph.D.

Professor, English

William Snyder , Ph.D. Headshot

About William Snyder Ph.D.

Dr. Snyder delights in sharing with his students tales and discoveries accumulated over four decades of teaching, writing, researching and traveling. His interest in interdisciplinary modes of thinking always finds a place in his courses, which routinely incorporate music, art and contemporary culture. His greatest source of gratification, however, is seeing in his majors the same love of language, creativity, stories and characters that he found and enjoyed in his peers during his days as an English major at Saint Vincent.

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  • American Short Story
  • British Literature Survey II
  • Intermediate Writing
  • Language and Rhetoric
  • Literary Criticism I
  • The Romantic Age
  • Education

  • Ph.D., West Virginia University
  • B.A., Saint Vincent College