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Faculty Attend Summer Seminar on Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Public Relations
Posted: Friday May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Twenty-one members of the Saint Vincent College faculty and administration attended a three-day summer seminar at the Fred M. Rogers Center on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. It was chaired by Fr. Thomas M. Hart, O.S.B., assistant to the president for mission. Participants were, front row, from left, Br. David A. Kelly, O.S.B. (director of libraries); Fr. Thomas M. Hart, O.S.B. (theology); Suzanne W. English (vice president for marketing and communications); Dr. Jerome C. Foss (politics); Dr. Eugene V. Torisky Jr. (philosophy); Br. Albert S. Gahr, O.S.B. (biology); Fr. Wulfstan F. Clough, O.S.B. (English); Dr. Cynthia J. Martincic (computing and information science); Dr. Robert J. DePasquale (accounting); and Fr. Nathan J. Munsch, O.S.B. (theology); back row, from left, Dr. Bradley C.S. Watson (politics); Dr. Jason R. Jividen (politics); Dr. Michael P. Krom (philosophy); Michael J. Urick (business); Dr. Devin A. Fava (psychological sciences); Dr. Daniele Arcara (mathematics); Dr. Jennifer L. Koehl (biology); Dr. Mary Beth Spore (education); Dr. Steven J. Gravelle (chemistry); Dr. Jessica A. Harvey (communication); and Fr. Stephen P. Concordia, O.S.B. (music). At the seminar, faculty cooperated in building bridges across various disciplines at Saint Vincent College in the common pursuit of truth and to demonstrate, as noted in the Application of Ex corde Ecclesiae for the United States, “commitment to Catholic ideals, principles and attitudes in carrying out research and teaching … with due regard for academic freedom and the conscience of every individual.”


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