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COVID-19 Updates

Moving Forward, Together!

As we embark on the 2022-23 academic year, we—students, faculty, administrators, staff and the monastic community—must continue to work together to ensure everyone's health and safety. Responsible behavior and making smart decisions will enable us to keep moving forward.

As the pandemic continues, we are all responsible for protecting our own health and the health of our community members. In addition to continuing our thorough cleaning and disinfection protocols, Saint Vincent will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on campus and in the region in addition to providing the best care to mitigate the spread of the virus. Updates may be made to these guidelines in response to changing circumstances.

Please continue to be a good neighbor, look after yourself and one another, and remain mindful of the role each of us plays in maintaining a strong, healthy and safe community.

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COVID-19 Vaccine | Masking Policy | Isolation | Contact Tracing and Quarantine | All Individuals | Classrooms and In-Person Learning | Dining | Student-Athletes | Events and Visitors

COVID-19 Vaccine

Saint Vincent College is strongly encouraging, but not requiring, the COVID-19 vaccine for all individuals. Students may forward their vaccination status to: 


Masking Policy 

In light of the positive trends and based on guidance from the CDC, we are implementing a mask-optional policy for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Effective immediately, this policy includes all campus spaces and all classroom settings. Those who have been fully vaccinated may mask at their discretion. For those not fully vaccinated, we strongly recommend that you complete the vaccination protocol and urge you to continue to wear your mask in common indoor spaces until you have done so. 

In support of the new policy, we request that all community members continue to carry a mask at all times so that you are prepared for situations that will require masking. The following situations, outlined below, may require you to wear a mask that covers both your mouth and nose:

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the Wellness Center and while completing COVID-19 testing of any kind.
  • All students, faculty and staff may request that anyone who meets with them on an individual basis wear a mask.
  • Where large gatherings are planned in the community, we encourage those in attendance to wear masks and to adhere to social distancing measures.


Per the CDC, students who test positive will be isolated for 5 days and will then test on day 6. If they continue to test positive, they may be required to isolate for the full 10 days.

Contact Tracing and Quarantine 

This has changed per CDC. We will no longer quarantine students who have only been exposed for 5 days; rather, they will be notified if they are a contact and will be asked to mask, eat separately, monitor their symptoms and test on day 5 following exposure.


All Individuals 

Guidelines for ALL members of the Saint Vincent community, regardless of vaccination status.

  • All campus community members should continue to perform daily health checks, monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, practice proper hygiene, and maintain clean working and living spaces.
  • If you experience symptoms related to COVID-19, it is imperative that you contact the Wellness Center or your primary care provider and follow all guidance from medical professionals.
  • If you are experiencing severe symptoms, contact 911. Do not wait.


Classrooms and In-Person Learning 

The College will have a standard academic calendar with fully-person learning and full classroom capacities. 

Faculty members will communicate attendance and make-up policies for in their respective syllabi for students who are impacted by COVID-19. COVID-19 academic accommodations will only be provided to students who enter quarantine and/or isolation protocol.



The Community Center and The Shack will continue to operate at full capacity for seating. Mitigation efforts will be in place, including sanitizing and disinfecting tables and high contact surfaces, frequently switching self-service utensils and availability of additional hand sanitizer stations.



Student-athletes can find the Return to Athletics Plan by clicking here or on the Saint Vincent Athletics website: 


Events and Visitors 

All guests visiting campus for events, conferences, camps or other purposes should follow the guidelines the College has set forth in this health and safety plan.