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Faith and Reason

  • Special Program

About Faith and Reason
Join us Sunday, June 18 through Saturday, June 24, 2023! Click HERE to register by Friday, June 9th.

Specifically designed for advanced high school and first-year college students, the Faith and Reason Catholic College Summer Program offers participants a unique opportunity to come to a richer, deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.

Program Highlights

A Catholic College Summer Program

Encouraging a life devoted to wisdom, this catholic summer program features a liberal arts approach to learning.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Explore the relationship between faith and reason 
  • Examine the perennial questions of humanity 
  • Develop their communication skills 
  • Learn how to analyze difficult arguments 
  • Prepare for college studies 
  • Integrate their moral, intellectual and spiritual development




Eligibility and Cost

Students must be at least age 15 to participate in the Faith and Reason catholic summer program. This week long program is $495, and this cost covers all meals, outings, and accommodations in the college dorms.  



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I receive notifications about the program?

    Once you register, you should receive email notification within a week as to whether you have been accepted. This will also contain payment instructions. After that, you will receive an email with waivers, what to bring, etc. about a week before the first day of the program.

    When should I arrive, and when does the program end?

    Students should arrive at 1pm on the Sunday of the program check-in; we will not have a Sunday mass, so please plan on attending mass beforehand. If you would like to attend mass at the basilica before the program, here is the link for mass times: Our week concludes with a mass and light reception on Saturday at 10am to which families are invited.

    Is there a safe place to lock up my valuables?

    You will be sharing a room with one other student, and both of you will have a key to lock up your room during the day. We have never had an incident of stolen items, but you are still advised to bring as few valuables as possible, and to keep those you bring out of view in your room.

    Is bedding provided?

    Yes, bedding is provided. You do not need to bring sheets, pillows or blankets. However, you do need to bring your own towel.

    Do I need to bring a swimsuit?

    We do not swim or do any water sports as part of the program, but there is a lap pool on campus should you want to swim during breaks.

    Can I use my cell phone during the week?

    In order to promote the kind of reflection and fellowship that makes for a great week together, cell phone usage is rarely allowed during the week. With the exception of breaks and when at the dorms, phones are not to be used. And, even when you are able to use them, you are encouraged to focus your attention on reflection, prayer, and on the friendships you are forming during the week. This can be hard for parents as well: parents will have the program director’s cell phone number, as well as those of the young adult prefects, so they will always be able to get in touch if necessary. Plus, photos will be sent throughout the week so that parents can see what we are up to!

    Do I need to have formal attire for the daily masses?

    While we have mass every day, most days we are heading off to a hike or outdoor activity right afterwards, and so on those days you should wear to mass more casual/hiking attire. The two most formal occasions are the Friday evening dance, and the Saturday morning mass (to which families are invited). Of course, you are expected to dress modestly at all times, and your clothes should not contain inappropriate logos or messages.

    Can I do the Faith and Reason Summer Program more than once?

    The majority of students come back for a second, or even a third, year. There is a $150 discount for returning students. While most of the week’s activities remain the same, returning students have separate seminars in which they focus more closely on a classic text. In the past, for example, returning students have focused on G.K. Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, the Psalms, St. Gregory the Great, and St. Thomas Aquinas.

    Is there a sibling discount?

    Yes, to help make Faith and Reason more affordable for families, there is a $150 discount for siblings.

About the Director of Faith and Reason

Dr. Michael Krom received his Doctorate in philosophy at Emory University in 2007 and is currently the chair of the philosophy department at Saint Vincent. He has authored a book on religion and politics and continues to publish works in Catholic moral and political thought. Dr. Krom will lead the Faith and Reason Catholic college summer program throughout its duration.

Michael P. Krom, PhD
Professor and Chair of Philosophy
Director, Benedictine Leadership Studies
724 805-2844