Undergraduate Student Tuition, Fees Room and Board

Tuition and Fees
2019-20 Average Tuition Fees Room & Board  Total 
Undergraduate Resident $35,520 1,394 11,804  $48,718
Undergraduate Commuter  $35,520 970  0  $36,490
International Student  $35,520  1,918 11,804  $49,242
Note: There is an additional orientation fee for all freshmen of $214. 

  1. Tuition above is based on 12-19 credits per semester. The cost per credit is $1,112 for less than full-time enrollment and for enrollment in excess of 19 credits. 
  2. Room and board is estimated based on a 15-meal plan and upper class room accommodations.
  3. Freshman students must add an orientation fee of $214.
  4. Students taking a lab must add a lab fee of $117.
  5. Resident Fees consist of a Student Activity Fee - $287, Tech Fee - $466, Health Services Fee - $220, Bandwidth Fee – $360, Laundry Fee - $64.
  6. Commuter and Off-Campus Fees consist of a Student Activity Fee - $287, Tech Fee - $466, Health Services Fee - $220.
  7. The total cost of attendance for the school year includes an allowance for books and supplies, as well as an allowance for miscellaneous, personal, and transportation expenses, and possible loan fees.  This total cost of attendance for the 19-20 year is $52,148 for on and off campus students and $44,740 for commuter students. 


NOTE:  Minimal health insurance coverage is required, unless a waiver is granted because you are covered under your family's health plan. Premium health insurance coverage is suggested for international students.