Admission Requirements

Admission to Saint Vincent College is competitive. As we look at your application, our foremost consideration will be your academic potential. We'll look for indications of your academic and extracurricular achievement as well as for information that will help us evaluate your academic ability, character, motivation, and promise.

Here are some of the things we'll take into account: 

  • *The level and number of the academic courses you've taken 
  • *Your grade-point average 
  • *Your standardized test scores (SAT, ACT or CLT)
  • Your class ranking - if available (75 percent of our students were in the top two-fifths of their high school classes)
  • Your admission essay (if submitted - optional)
  • Your extracurricular activities 
  • Your recommendation(s) (if submitted - optional)

To be admitted to Saint Vincent College, you'll need to complete 16 academic units of secondary school work. These 16 units must include four units of English, at least three units of college preparatory mathematics, one unit of laboratory science, three units of social science and two units of a foreign language among five elective units.

If you plan to major in engineering, you must have one unit of plane geometry, one unit of intermediate algebra, one unit of physics, and one-half unit of trigonometry in addition to the other requirements.

If you intend to pursue a degree in music, you must audition for acceptance to that department.

If you're applying to Saint Vincent College to study art, you'll need to submit a portfolio of your work to the Art Department.

If your secondary school program differs significantly from the program we've described, please consult our office of Admission and Financial Aid.