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Covid-19 Updates

Please see the information below for more on the Saint Vincent College and Seminary Health and Safety Plan.

Amended Health and Safety Plan

Effective June 1, 2021

  • All members of the community are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. For Fall 2021 the campus can return to pre-pandemic health and safety guidelines once a significant percentage of the community is fully vaccinated.

  • Fully COVID-19 vaccinated (more than 14-day after final dose) members of the community (students, faculty, and staff) may return to some pre-pandemic behaviors – masks and physical distancing are not required on campus outdoors or groups of fewer than ten persons indoors when everyone in the group is confirmed to be vaccinated. Masks and distancing should be maintained during indoors gatherings in which all persons are not confirmed to be vaccinated or when the gathering has ten or more persons. Persons without vaccination must continue to follow the health and safety guidelines on campus – for example, wearing a mask, keeping six feet apart from others, quarantining when a close contact of a COVID-19 positive person, and frequent hand washing and other hygienic guidance.

  • All community members, especially those not vaccinated, should continue to closely monitor their health, isolate when they have symptoms of COVID-19, and follow all instructions from medical professionals. Resident students will follow the SVC Student Instructions for COVID-19 Testing and Isolation. Employees of the College should continue to report symptoms to Human Resources and their supervisor.

  • The capacities for venues on campus will follow the PA DOH guidelines. Please contact Events and Conference Services for updated capacity limits. Saint Vincent Dining services should be utilized for catering of all events to ensure compliance with campus health and safety guidelines.

  • All camps will follow the guidelines provided by Event and Conference Services for summer camps.

SVC Student Instructions for COVID-19 Testing and Isolation

Testing at MedExpress

MedExpress, Latrobe PA 724-537-5064

Open daily 8:00-8:00

Take your ID and Health Insurance Card and wear a mask. Please let Residence Life know so that they may assist you.

NOTE: you can get your results quicker if you register online with a username and password at LabCorp. LabCorp will send you the results at the same time as MedExpress. You can also print your results. The school CANNOT accept the rapid test results unless it is positive, we need to wait for the PCR (longer) test, if your result was negative


If you do not have a vehicle, please contact Veterans cab at 724-537-7708, and arrange a pickup time and place. SVC will cover the cost. They are open from 7:00AM-7:00PM, but closed on Sundays. Wear a mask.


The preference is for students to isolate at home. If you cannot, you will be isolated until the results are received. Please wait in your room until Residence Life contacts you. They will help you transfer to an isolation room. You must wear a mask and bring your belongings to your assigned room. Please take a pillow, blanket, clothes, toiletries, and laptop/phone for class.

Medical Care

You will be contacted by email or phone to assess your symptoms.


Meals will be delivered to your room three times daily.


Your instructors will be informed that you will be attending classes remotely. You are not to have contact with anyone. Stay in your room, unless it is an emergency. Please contact your friends and family remotely!

In Case of Emergency, Call 911

If you develop any life-threatening symptoms – including trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake or stay awake, or bluish lips or face – call 911 immediately. Don’t wait!

Caring for your Mental Health

Despite being physically separate from others, it is important to stay connected with friends and family and engaged virtually in classes and campus activities. 

But if your mental health and resilience feel taxed during quarantine, you are not alone. Please reach out for support if you need it. Contact the RHD, a hotline (1-800-836-6010), or an online therapist at