Greetings from Saint Vincent College

Thank you for your interest in Saint Vincent College!

Saint Vincent College welcomes students from around the world to join our undergraduate and graduate programs. With a nearly 200-year history, Saint Vincent College offers academic excellence and a commitment to student learning. The academic program combines the breadth of a liberal arts foundation with depth in more than 50 degree programs. Saint Vincent College is ranked in the top five percent of colleges and universities nationwide, and has been recognized among the nation’s top liberal arts colleges.

First, it's important to determine the program in which you are interested. Are you a:

See below for details for each option.

Four-Year Degreeinternational-four-year
Four-Year Degree

First year*:
Tuition and fees** $35,077 
Estimated Room and board $11,274 
Other expenses*** $3,000
Total (estimated) $49,351
*Charges are subject to change in future years.
**Includes one-time International Welcome Week fee
***Other expenses estimates include the following: books, $980 per year; insurance, $500 per year; miscellaneous, $85 per month.

Students will receive a bill for the amount they owe, but it will be sent by the traditional mail system and may be subject to prolonged delivery times. Please contact the College at any time for a current bill amount. Items such as insurance, books, etc. are included in the estimate as costs but ones that Saint Vincent College does not necessarily provide. Books may be purchased on campus and insurance should be arranged for prior to entering the United States. Please contact the Admission office for any needed clarification.

Supplemental Application Form

Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. A typical scholarship for an undergraduate international student is $10,000-$15,000 for an academic year. 

Exchange Programsinternational-exchange-programs
Study Abroad Student

Per Semester:*
Estimated Room and board $5,401
One-time International Welcome Week fee $247 
Other expenses** $1,500
Estimated Total $7,148  

*Charges are subject to change in future years.
**Other expenses estimates include the following: books, $500 per semester; insurance, $250 per semester; miscellaneous, $85 per month.

Costs for students on exchange programs may vary according to institutional agreements. Typically, visiting study abroad students pay costs of room, board and International Welcome Week fees to Saint Vincent College and pay tuition and related fees to their home university.  

Graduate Studentinternational-graduate
Graduate Student Seeking a Master's or Doctoral Degree

Graduate Education Tuition $640 per credit
Graduate Business Tuition $662 per credit
Graduate Health Science Tuition $787 per credit
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Tuition $994 per credit
Health Services Fee (per semester) $56 (9 credits or more per semester)
Technology Fee (per semester):

  • $84 (fewer than 9 credits per semester)
  • $219 (9 credits or more per semester)

International Welcome Week fee $247


Council of International SchoolcSaint Vincent College has satisfied the requirements and is recognized as a higher education member of the Council of International Schools.