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Science Foundations for Health Professions

Science Foundations for Health Professions

  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Pursue a new career in the health professions.

The Science Foundations for Health Professions (SFHP) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program is designed for students who did not major in the sciences but would like to pursue medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, podiatry or chiropractic schools, nursing programs or graduate programs in physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy or occupational therapy studies. The program will allow students to complete prerequisite courses for the program and entrance exams before applying to their program(s) of interest.

A rich tradition in the health sciences

Saint Vincent College has a strong tradition in the health sciences, with acceptance rates of its graduate into health professions graduate and doctorate programs much higher than the national average over the past two decades. The SFHP certificate fits with this strong tradition, as students will enroll in the same undergraduate classes and be afforded the same opportunities with the College’s Pre-Allied Health Committee and Preprofessional Health Committee (letters of recommendation, interviews with faculty and undergraduates) as the College’s undergraduate students.

Curriculum Requirements

The requirements for health professions school admission are dependent on the type of profession desired and each student’s need for preparation. Each SFHP certificate candidate will be required to enroll in General Biology I and II (course and lab), General Chemistry I and II (course and lab) and General Calculus I. Candidates must then earn a minimum of 25 additional credits at Saint Vincent College. Within these 25 credits, three courses must have a lab component. Based on the candidate’s background and desired health professions program, these additional credits can be accrued in courses offered by the Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Physics, Psychological Science and Sociology Departments. The Program Director will work one-on-one with students to develop a plan of courses and timeline based on goals.

  • Prerequisites

    BL150/151 General Biology I and Lab

    BL 152/153 General Biology II and Lab

    CH 101/102 General Chemistry I and Lab

    CH 103/104 General Chemistry II and Lab

    MA 109 Calculus I with Applications

  • 25 Credits Based on Background and Program

    BL 208/209 Cell Biology and Lab

    BL 212/213 Microbiology and Lab

    BL 224/225 Physiology and Lab

    BL 245 Exercise Physiology

    BL 260 Biostatistics


    CH 221/223 Organic Chemistry I and Lab

    CH 222/224 Organic Chemistry II and Lab

    CH 251/253 Proteins and Metabolism and Lab


    INTS 222/224 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab

    INTS 223/225 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab

    INTS 250 Fundamentals of Nutrition


    PH 109/113 College Physics I and Lab

    PH 110/114 College Physics II and Lab


    PY 100 Introduction to Psychological Science

    PY 214 Life Span Development

    PY 243 Abnormal Psychology

    PY 308 Cognitive Psychology

    PY 322 Health Psychology

    PY 331 Biological Psychology


    SO 101 Introduction to Sociology

Placement Statistics

Allied Health

The success rate for Saint Vincent students applying to allied health programs. This is a five-year rolling average from 2017-21.

Physical Therapy 10/13 77%
Physician Assistant  19/27 70%
Second Degree Nursing 16/16 100%
Occupational Therapy 6/9 67%
Pharmacy  11/11  100%

Following are the admissions statistics and schools attended for students who graduated from Saint Vincent College during the past five years.

Human Medicine (Allopathic/Osteopathic)  40/47 85%
Dental Medicine 5/7 71%
Veterinary Medicine 3/3 100%
Other  26/29 90%

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Science Foundations for Health Professions (SFHP) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program will:
  • Learn the foundations of sciences essential for their future education. Through the coursework the students take, they will gain the scientific knowledge they were not exposed to during their undergraduate careers.

  • Complete prerequisite courses needed for their program of interest and entrance exams. The Program Director will work with each student to ensure they are successfully completing the coursework needed and are prepared for their entrance exams and certificate completion.


The Anatomage Table

In spring 2021, Saint Vincent College students studying health sciences were introduced to the new, state-of-the-art Anatomage Table, the most technologically advanced 3-D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection school for anatomy and physiology education. Located in the Liberatore Human Anatomy Lab in the Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion, the Anatomage Table allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy beyond what any cadaver could offer. The laboratory is used by undergraduate students for the study of human anatomy and physiology, facilitated by cadaveric dissection. The lab is also used by external clients for surgical training and demonstrations.


For more information or to learn more about the SFHP program, please contact the program director or the office of graduate and continuing education.

Jennifer Koehl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology and SFHP Program Director

Office of Graduate and Continuing Education