The Forensic Studies - Financial Investigations Program

Requirements for a Minor in Forensic Studies -Financial Investigations

Required classes: (18 credits )

Choose two of the following CLS Courses:*
CLS 227 Criminal Law and Process, 3 credits
CLS 320 White Collar Crime, 3 credits
CLS 376 Federal Criminal Law, 3 credits
And the following four Business Administration courses: **
BA 200*** Intermediate Accounting I, 3 credits
BA 201 Intermediate Accounting II, 3 credits 
BA 405 Auditing, 3 credits 
BA 406 Forensic Auditing, 3 credits

* Accounting Majors must take all three CLS courses listed. CLS Majors must take 320 & 376 and choose one other course from CLS electives to count toward the CLS Major.
** Students must choose between an accounting minor or a Forensic Studies - Financial Investigations minor. They cannot have both appear on their transcript. 
*** Prerequisites: BA 100, BA 101

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    The field of forensics is a growing and dynamic one that has far outstripped its initial boundaries as a discipline only pertinent to the gathering of data at crime scenes.

    Today, a vast array of natural sciences have been brought to the field of criminal investigations and prosecutions where they have been joined by financial investigation expertise as a critical component of the criminal justice process. Within the next 15 years, accountants will be having much more interaction with the legal system and the agents and attorneys within that system will need to carry on meaningful conversations with those forensic experts in the effort to do justice in each case.

    The goal of this minor is to provide students with a broad based understanding of the financial investigation side of forensics. It is not meant to provide them with all of the skills necessary to perform the job of a forensic accountant. Rather, the goal is to provide them with a working understanding of the integration of this discipline with the criminal law.