The Public History Program

Requirements for a Minor in Public History

The minor in Public History consists of 18 credit hours. Required courses are HI 201, HI 202, HI 550 (to be taken in that order) and HI 306 or HI 258. The remaining six (6) credits may come from the following course options: AN 230, AR 280, AR 310, HI 307, HI 254. The option list may change as new courses are developed; check with the department chair or your advisor for the most current list.

Recommended courses that would be a good complement to the minor include: HI 106, HI 107, HI 223, AR 102 and AR 200.

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Studying Public History at Saint Vincent College is more than just reading textbooks.

    • Ground yourself on a historic campus — including a working gristmill that provided grain for the community from its beginnings, the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery and the Saint Vincent Art Gallery.
    • Learn from experts in fields ranging from medieval and Asian history to modern American history.
    • Put it into practice: Write your own history, travel to historic sites, make video documentaries, visit museums, research at the Fred Rogers Archives on campus or at other sites across the country.