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Addiction Specialist

Addiction Specialist

  • Certification

The Addiction Specialist Training Certificate

The Addiction Specialist Training Program is designed to provide the background knowledge necessary for students to develop the skills to help people with substance abuse problems. The program covers areas such as mood-altering chemicals, counseling theories, legal rights of clients, and the development of specific treatment skills including intake, orientation, treatment planning, and case management. Employment opportunities for addiction treatment or prevention exist in addiction treatment centers, hospitals, outpatient treatment facilities, rehabilitation centers, halfway houses, and correctional facilities such as prisons and juvenile detention centers.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements

    The certificate requires 27 credits (or 18 additional credits for Psychology majors). At least 12 credits must be earned at Saint Vincent College. The curriculum is based on the assumption that the student has had Introduction to Psychology or an equivalent course.

    Required Courses:

    • PY 214 Adolescent Development - 3 credits
    • PY 219 Introduction to Counseling - 3 credits
    • PY 250 Addiction Behaviors (formerly SO 105 Chemical Dependency) - 3 credits
    • PY 251 Family Systems - 3 credits
    • PY 252 Rehabilitative Treatment Systems - 3 credits
    • PY 280 Interpersonal and Group Processes - 3 credits

    One of the following two:

    • PY 243 Abnormal Psychology - 3 credits
    • CLS 377 Addiction and Crime - 3 credits

    One of the following two:

    • PY 322 Health Psychology - 3 credits
    • PY 331 Biological Psychology - 3 credits