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Environmental Studies

  • Minor

The Environmental Studies Minor

The environmental studies minor at Saint Vincent College at its core concerns itself with solving environmental problems. Students will develop a strong scientific background combined with knowledge of environmental topics, while courses in the humanities will put these topics into the context of our modern society. As a result, students with a degree in environmental science from Saint Vincent College will be ideally prepared for a career in the field.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Curriculum

    Requirements for Minor in Environmental Studies**** (16-19 credits)

    Choose five of the following with at least one NSCI or ES course and one humanities or social science course:

    ES 150/152 Earth System Science and Lab – 4 credits

    NSCI 125-126 Introduction to Environmental Science and Lab – 4 credits

    NSCI 140-141 Science and Global Sustainability and Lab – 4 credits

    NSCI 252-253 Science of Sustainable Living and Lab – 4 credits

    NSCI 250 Science of Abandoned Mine Drainage – 4 credits

    NSCI 265 Science for International Development – 4 credits

    SO 161 Environmental Sociology – 3 credits

    EL 111 Environmental Literature – 3 credits

    HI 226 Society and the Environment in Global Perspective – 3 credits

    PS 390 Environmental Law and Policy – 3 credits

    PL 217 Environmental Ethics – 3 credits

    ES 220 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems – 3 credits

    TH 274 Green Discipleship – 3 credits