Eulalia Books Literary Translation Press

Haylee Ebersole demonstrates antique printing equipment."Interning for Eulalia Books has provided an incredible venue for learning the often overwhelming facets of publishing as a student. Working with familiar faces from Saint Vincent, I am able to learn the ropes of media, marketing and communications in a safe, educational environment. 

- Mallory Truckenmiller, '19

Student work-studys"Interning for Eulalia Books as an undergraduate student has been a dream come true.  For those who want to become involved in small press publishing, Eulalia is conveniently on campus and offers so many opportunities to use editing, writing, marketing and design skills alongside talented and passionate  professionals in the field." 

- Bridget Fertal, '19

About Eulalia
Students in the literary translation program will learn about manuscript acquisitions, editing and literary marketing by working closely with Saint Vincent’s new literary translation press, developed in coordination with the minor. Eulalia Books publishes two full length books of modern and contemporary international poetry in translation every year, in addition to letterpress chapbooks and broadsides. Students begin by taking the new Small Press Publishing course, and then may continue to intern with the press for academic credit.  

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 Jeannine Pitas, credit to America: The Jesuit Review

Eulalia's first book is a translation of Eco Del Parque by Argentine poet Romina Freschi, translated by Jeannine Pitas.

 (1) Students work together on design project in the English department; (2)  Haylee Ebersole demonstrates her use of Tip Type's antique printing equipment. Ebersole prints 
Eulalia Book's chapbooks and letterpress; (3)  Jeannine Pitas, by America:  The Jesuit Review.