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Nonprofit Studies

Nonprofit Studies

  • Certification

Working for a nonprofit organization is a unique and fulfilling challenge that comes with abundant career opportunities. Learn the nuances of working for and running nonprofit organizations such as charities, arts organizations, government agencies, and religious organizations among others.

Careers in the Nonprofit Industry

The nonprofit industry is comprised of more than 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations, which count on more than $46 billion in contributions from public support to sustain their operations. Effective and strategic management of organizations in the nonprofit sector positions students for a successful, fulfilling career. 

With this certificate, you’ll get the preparation you need for careers in some of the largest sectors of the nonprofit industry. Courses place a special emphasis on marketing and fundraising, providing students with the needed skills to help increase public support contributions.

Nonprofit Studies Certificate Curriculum

Three Required Courses for the Certificate
BA337 Nonprofit and Social Marketing
BA326 Nonprofit Management
BA339 Benedictine Hospitality in Business

Choose One Elective Course for the Certificate
BA280 Leadership
BA398 Project Management I
BA492 Operations Management
CA340 Nonprofit Communication
HI306 Introduction to Nonprofits and Fundraising

Internships Optional but Recommended