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Peace and Justice Studies

Peace and Justice Studies

  • Minor

The Peace and Justice minor program at Saint Vincent College prepares students to build a more just and peaceful world. It accomplishes this by providing students with theoretical knowledge, the capacity for critical reflection, and the skills of practical application. Grounded in the college’s Benedictine heritage and liberal arts mission, the program explores the ways societies have comprehended human nature and their successes and failures protecting human dignity.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Minor in Peace and Justice

    Required courses:
    HI 290 Peace and Justice in Historical Perspective (History) (Service Learning Component) OR 
    TH 252 
    Peace, Justice and Forgiveness (Theology) (Service Learning Component) - 3 credits

    Take five courses from the list below from at least two different Schools. Students must take either two Service Learning designated courses or one Service Learning designated course and a PJS internship.
    School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits   
    AN 280 Medical Anthropology - 3 credits   
    AN 285 Culture and Health in Guatemala - 6 credits (Service Learning Component)
    CA 218 Inter-Cultural Communication - 3 credits
    FRC 373 What Would Fred Rogers Do? – An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Creating Positive Social Change for Children - 3 credits (Service Learning component)     
    SO 200 Race and Ethnicity - 3 credits   
    SO 235 Inequality and Social Problems - 3 credits
    EL 179 The Literature of Social Protest - 3 credits   
    EL 111 Environmental Literature - 3 credits
    EL 138 Multiethnic Literature of the U.S. - 3 credits   
    EL 139 African American Literature - 3 credits
    EL 179 Literature of Social Protest - 3 credits
    EL 256 Sentimental Fictions: American Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century - 3 credits
    PL 215 Ethics - 3 credits   
    PL 217 Environmental Ethics - 3 credits
    HI 226 Society and the Environment in Global Perspective - 3 credits 
    HI 232 Race and Ethnicity in Historical Perspective - 3 credits   
    HI 290 Peace and Justice in Historical Perspective - 3 credits (Service Learning component)  
    TH 252 Peace, Justice, and Forgiveness - 3 credits (Service Learning component)  
    TH 250 Introduction to Moral Theology - 3 credits   
    TH 255 Religion and Politics - 3 credits   
    TH 265 God, Work, and Money - 3 credits (Service Learning component)
    TH 350 Holocaust Questions - 3 credits

    Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government   
    PS 135 Classical Political Thought - 3 credits 
    PS 136 Modern Political Thought - 3 credits
    CLS 101 Introduction to Criminology - 3 credits
    CLS 155 American Judicial System - 3 credits
    CLS 210 Civil Rights Law - 3 credits
    CLS 220 (H) The Criminology of Race - 3 credits
    CLS 266 The Death Penalty - 3 credits

    Herbert W. Boyer School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing   
    NSCI 140 Science and Global Sustainability and Lab - 4 credits
    NSCI 252/253 Science of Sustainable Living and Lab - 4 credits
    NSCI 210/211 Chemistry and Crime and Lab - 4 credits
    NSCI 207 Energy and Climate Change - 4 credits

    Peace and Justice Studies Internship - 1 credit

Program Highlights

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Peace and Justice program will be able to:

  • employ theoretical knowledge, critical thinking, communication, and information literacy skills in the study of peace and justice.
  • convey familiarity with the Catholic peace and social justice tradition.
  • approach an understanding of peace and justice concepts and issues through the lens of multiple disciplines.
  • identify concrete means of working to support peace and justice in their lives and their communities.