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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • Certification

Learn about logistics, purchasing, operating, and communicating within the broad supply chain of organizations. Simulations and practical experiences enable you to work within real-work scenarios that turn into invaluable experiences as you start or advance your career in supply chain management.

Career Opportunities in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has entered the national conversation in the past few years, and for good reason. It’s a quickly growing field, with an expected growth of over 11 percent in the near future. Meanwhile, 57 percent of companies believe that their supply chain gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As a result, career opportunities in supply chain are plentiful. Students can work as purchasing agents, operations managers, logistics analysts, distribution managers, and more. Across industries, qualified professionals will find a successful career given the training and knowledge this certificate provides.ns.

Supply Chain Certificate Curriculum

Three Required Courses for the Certificate
BA493 Supply Chain Management I
BA499 Supply Chain Management II
BA317 Supply Chain Simulationation

Choose One Elective Course for the Certificate
BA316 Logistics
BA315 Purchasing and Procurement
BA250 OR BA251 Global Management OR International Business
BA492 Operations Management
BA425 Strategic Marketing
BA308 Negotiations