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Annie Laurie Nichols, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication

About Annie Laurie Nichols

Dr. Annie Laurie Nichols worked as a graphic designer for over a decade before adventuring to St. Petersburg, Russia, to teach English and business management for four years. After returning to the USA, Dr. Nichols studied communication theory at the University of Maryland, researching how people form communities and create connections with each other across difference. Dr. Nichols teaches and studies visual communication, digital culture, and rhetorical theory, and is currently working on a book on AI ethics. When not reading, they can be found making art, cooking and eating strange foods, and designing board games with their spouse.

Dr. Nichols is a confidential support person under Title IX.


Ph.D. in Communication, University of Maryland (2018)

B.A. in Communication, Roberts Wesleyan College (2005)


CA100 Introduction to Mass Media

CA218 Intercultural Communication

CA224 Communication Ethics

CA285 Digital Layout & Design

CA325 Digital Deliberation & Remix

CA440 Criticism of Media & Society

CORE2502 Clear Data Communication

Research Interests

Visual communication

Digital culture

Rhetorical theory

Algorithmic/AI ethics

Inclusive pedagogy


Selected Publications and Presentations


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