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Gilbert Bogner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

About Gilbert Bogner

A faculty member at Saint Vincent College since 1998, Dr. Gil Bogner specializes in the medieval period of European history (ca.500-ca.1500). In his courses, he seeks to dispel the many myths of this most misunderstood and maligned epoch of the human past while guiding students in understanding and appreciating its rich and influential culture. Dr. Bogner resides in Greensburg, PA, with his wife, son, and three cats. His love of Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, graphic novels, vintage toys, and classic rock is legendary!



B.A., Ohio State University (1986)

M.A., Ohio University (1989)

Ph.D., Ohio University (1997)


HI 102: Ancient Greece and Rome

HI 103: Medieval Europe c.500-1500

HI 205: Curious Medieval Culture

HI 211: War in Medieval Europe

HI 213: Voices of Medieval Women

HI 227: Medieval Europe on Film

HI 231: Joan of Arc: Life & Legend

Research Interests

Medieval England

Medieval Military History

Medieval Knighthood

Toys in Medieval Culture

Selected Publications

“The Diplomatic Career of Sir John Colville (ca. 1365–ca. 1447).” _Medieval People: Social Bonds, Kinship, and Networks_ 36 (2022): 67-106.

“’To brave hardship willingly’: Sir Ralph Gray and the Siege of Roxburgh.” _Archaeologia Aeliana_, 5th ser., 42 (2013): 161-79.

“’Military’ Knighthood in the Lancastrian Era: the Case of Sir John Montgomery.” _Journal of Medieval Military History_ 7 (2009): 104-26.

“Alchemists, Pirates, and Pilgrims: Toward a Revised Model of English Knighthood in Lancastrian England.” _The Ricardian: Journal of the Richard III Society_ 16 (2006): 100-12.

“The English Knights of 1434: A Prosopographical Approach.” _Medieval Prosopography_ 25 (2004): 178-215.
36 (2022): 67-106.