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Jessica Harvey Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of Communication and Media Studies


  • Ph.D., University of Washington
  • M.A., Arizona State University
  • B.A., Purdue University
  • Courses

  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Children, Adolescents & Media
  • Media Literacy
  • Race, Gender, Class, and Media
  • Media Effects
  • Communication Projects
  • Research on Children and Media
  • Race, Racism & Racial Justice
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health
  • About Jessica Harvey Ph.D.

    Dr. Harvey’s research focuses on media literacy in educational and family environments. Her work with Dr. Tracy McNelly, Associate Professor of Education, investigates teachers’ and preservice teachers’ experiences incorporating media literacy education within their curriculum. Additionally, Dr. Harvey’s work explores how families use media to talk about issues related to gender, race, and racism. She works closely with communication students in the department who are interested in conducting social scientific research and presenting their research at the Eastern Communication Association conference.

    Selected Publications

    • Harvey, J., McNelly, T. A., & Buxton, J. A. (2022). Toward a media literate world: Exploring secondary educators’ challenges incorporating media literacy education. Media Education Research Journal, 11(2), 1-21
    • McNelly, T., & Harvey, J. (2022). Digital game apps and electronic books: Fostering relationships between young children and older adults. In M. R. Jalongo and P. Crawford (Eds.). Intergenerational Bonds: The Contributions of Older Adults to Young Children’s Lives. Springer.

    • McNelly, T., & Harvey, J. (2021). Media literacy instruction in today’s classrooms: A study of teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, and integration. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 13(1), 108-130.

    • Harvey, J., & Manusov, V. (2020). Rapping about rap: Parental mediation of gender stereotyped media. Marriage and Family Review, 56(3), 264-286.

    • Kam, J., Ningxin, C., & Harvey, J., (2014). Latino and European American early adolescents’ exposure to music with substance-use references: Examining parent-child communication as a moderator. Journal of Adolescence, 37, 185-196.

    • Manusov, V., & Harvey, J. (2011). Bumps and tears on the road to the presidency: Media framing of nonverbal events in the 2008 democratic election. Western Journal of Communication, 75(3), 282-303.