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Getting involved in the Saint Vincent community is as simple as taking a quick around and following the path where your interests lead you. With countless social clubs, academic programs, professional organizations and more to choose from – all of which include at least one service project a year – you’ll find the places where you fit in, have fun and build experiences, all while feeling the support of the caring community that surrounds you.

Active Minds of Saint Vincent

A club created to promote mental health awareness around the Saint Vincent campus and community – students join Active Minds of Saint Vincent to educate their peers about mental illness, the importance of recognizing mental health and the resources here to help them. Students discuss current issues, ways to increase access to mental healthcare and destigmatize the attitudes that surround it.


Mock Trial Team

Saint Vincent’s Mock Trial team is a nationally competitive organization where student develop and deliver arguments based a court case prepared by the National Mock Trial Association. Each year, the team competes against other colleges and universities around the country at highly competitive invitational tournaments. While many of students who participate intend to go to law school, the process allows students in any program to build strong logic and debate skills. 



Our communications club is for students interested in all things media – advertising, PR, journalism, graphic design, pop culture, filmmaking and more. MAD COMM students gain real-world experience by working with other Saint Vincent clubs and organizations to refine their visual presence, as well as participate in open discussions about the impact of media with their peers and gain strong networking connections that help them land internships and top communications roles after graduation.

Special Interest Clubs

You’ll find a club for any interest – and if you don’t see yours here, know that we’re happy to help you start something new.


Bookworms rejoice in our clubs specifically dedicated to the joy reading. In Reading Club, students read classic texts and discuss the implications on our beliefs today. Students in the Mythopoeic Society read fantasy and science fiction novels and discuss various topics in this genre.



Our politically inclined students have many options – no matter their political affiliation. Join College Democrats and College Republicans, or engage in open discourse over food in our bipartisan Pizza and Politics Club. Respect Life Club is a group specifically committed to pro-life issues.


Women’s Organizations

Her Campus Saint Vincent empowers women to express themselves through writing and using publishing techniques. Open to all genders and majors, Women in Business hosts executive lecture series, alumnae networking panels, community outreach events and more to encourage personal and professional growth.  


Culture & Diversity

Explore Japanese culture, literature and more in Anime Club, practice your Spanish while enjoying fun activities in Spanish Club or visit the International Students’ Union. Visionaries of H.O.P.E. (Helping One People Evolve) is a multicultural club that celebrates diversity and hosts our Martin Luther King Day celebration and a soul food dinner that 100’s of students enjoy every year.



Meet fellow gamers to socialize, share your favorite games and even plan and participate in competitions in the Strategic Gaming Society. Our students play Magic, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Disposable Heroes: Coffin for Seven Brothers, Flames of War and many more.


Outdoors & the Environment

Our Environmental Awareness Club organizes campus-wide clean-ups and sells reusable water bottles and eco-friendly items, as well as completes the Beatty Road clean-up each spring and works in the Nature Reserve in the fall. Our students interested in connecting with nature have the option to join Outdoors Club.

Academic Clubs and Professional Organizations

Join like-minded peers who share your academic interests to discuss and explore in casual, but thought-provoking settings, as well as those who share your professional aspirations and will push you to reach them, together.

  • Accounting Club
  • Art Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Computing & Information Science Colloquium Club
  • Criminology, Law and Society “Criminology Club”
  • Early Childhood Education Club
  • Economics Club
  • Education Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Finance Club
  • History Club
  • Math Club
  • Operational Excellence Club
  • Physics Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Public Health Club

Professional Organizations like the Institute of Management Accountants, Pre-Law Society, American Medical Student Associations (AMSA) provide an organized space for students with similar professional interests to get together for test prep, networking, advising and more.

Academic Honor Societies

Saint Vincent is home to seven national academic honor societies for students who represent the top scholars in their fields –  Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Mu Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha, Psi Chi and Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society. These honor societies span fields in business to education, psychology, and more.

Service Organizations

While all student groups give back to our community and beyond, Saint Vincent is also home to service organizations like Alpha Phi Omega, a national, coed service fraternity, Enactus, an international organization that connects students and business leaders and empowers people through entrepreneurial opportunities. We are also home to Habitat for Humanity and disabilities awareness group, Service Corps for Exceptional Children (SCEC), as well a Student Philanthropy Council.

Student Government Association

Join SGA to work on campus issues like residence life, sports activities, and recreational and cultural programs, and act as a liaison between the administration and the student body by representing and being attentive to student concerns and interests; improve the quality of student life by affecting change in regard to campus and policy development and by overseeing student activities, both social and academic; and to preserve the College’s commitment to traditional, Benedictine, values and a strong, liberal arts education. You can do so by joining various SGA committees or by running for SGA Senate.

Activities Programming Board

Activities Programming Board (APB) bring movies, comedians, bands and other entertainment to campus throughout the year. They sponsor events every Wednesday evening and on weekends like bingos, arts & crafts, comedians, Saint Vincent's own version of "The Voice" and mystery and off-campus trips.

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