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Early Childhood Leadership Director

Early Childhood Leadership Director

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Due to recent government funding (5.5 million) “Rising STARS Tuition Assistance Program” to support higher education for early childhood professionals by Gov. Corbett, the Education Department has added a specialization area to the existing M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction for Early Childhood Leadership (ECL). The Rising STARS Tuition Assistance Program offered by the government specifically states “The program will provide eligible staff in participating Keystone STARS programs up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance for early learning college credits or the pursuit of a college degree in the early childhood education field.” The M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with the specialization in Early Childhood Leadership is an eligible program for this assistance.

Goals of the Program

The ECL specialization will focus the Curriculum and Instruction degree to provide the professional training needed for Keystone Stars and other accreditation. The courses included in the specialization meet the Director Credential coursework as well renewal requirements. The courses deepen early childhood leadership and curriculum design for both new and experienced early childhood professionals. The courses topics include professional development, early learning leadership, early childhood education setting design and management, curriculum systems design, instructional technology, current issues, methodology, human learning, and special education.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Specialization in Early Childhood Leadership

    M.S. In Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood Leadership Specialization (30 credits) can be completed in 18 months. The program is accelerated offering two courses every term in seven-week increments. Courses are one-night a week including one Saturday class meeting. Classes do not overlap; therefore, students are not required to commute to campus more than one night a week. Several classes are held online in synchronous formats; thus, travel to campus maybe avoided all together.

    Graduates of the Saint Vincent Program will have an official transcript specialization, Early Childhood Leadership, listed in addition to the Master of Curriculum and Instruction.

    Seven required courses in Curriculum and Instruction, plus:
    GCEL 612 Early Learning Leadership
    GCEL 602 Design and Management of Early Learning Settings
    GCED 650 Human Learning
         GCED 670 Visual Thinking and Learning or
         GCED 675 Inclusionary Education