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Business Data Analytics

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Minor

Become an asset to any business in today’s data-driven world

In just five years, three-quarters of the world’s population will be creating or having at least one data interaction every 18 seconds (IDC). This means that in today’s business world, making sense of this vast quantity of information is central to discovery, innovation and decision making. Our business data analytics program combines disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics, bioinformatics and public health to prepare graduates for lucrative positions where they help businesses make informed decisions through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify trends and create clear and informative visual representations of data.

Major or Minor?

Professionals that have a competitive advantage in working with and leveraging data are in a position to excel in their careers faster than others. This is why Saint Vincent College offers both a major and a minor in business data analytics. 


Students who choose to major in business data analytics graduate with core business knowledge, as well specific skills in data analytics, data science and statistics that prepare them to take on challenging and financially rewarding roles.


Companies of all kinds need data literate professionals in all stages and phases of their business. Students can minor in business data analytics in order to add these in-demand skills to their knowledge in any field.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Data Analytics

    Business Core (45 credits)

    BA 100 Financial Accounting I - 3 credits
    BA 170 Organizational Behavior - 3 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 265 Management Information Systems - 3 credits
    BA 305 Business Ethics - 3 credits
    BA 320 Corporate Finance I - 3 credits
    BA 340 Business Law - 3 credits
    BA350+BA350A Statistics I (sophomore year) + Excel Lab - 4 credits
    BA351+BA351A Statistics II (sophomore year) + Excel Lab - 4 credits
    BA 495 Capstone Class: Business Policy and Strategy - 3 credits
    EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics - 3 credits
    EC 102 Principles of Macroeconomics - 3 credits
    PS 100 Principles of American Politics - 3 credits
    MA 111 Analytical Calculus I - 4 credits
    BA 00P ePortfolio Requirement (semester of graduation--pass/fail)


    Business Data Analytics major requirements (36 credits):

    CS 1xx Introduction to Python - 1 credit
    DS100 Intro. Data Science and Analytics - 3 credits
    BA 355 Advanced Business Analytics - 3 credits
    DS300 Methods of Data Science and Analytics - 3 credits
    DS350 Data Mining - 3 credits
    CS 355 Software Engineering - 3 credits
    MA 112 Analytical Calculus II - 4 credits
    EC360+361 Econometrics with R lab - 4 credits
    BA 106 Data Visualization - 3 credits
    DS400 Data Science and Analytics Capstone - 3 credits
    Choose one from: International Finance, Global Marketing, International Business, Global Business Management - 3 credits
    Electives: Marketing Research, Digital Analytics, Introduction to ERP Systems - 3 credits

    Strongly Recommended Courses:

    TH 282 - Techne and Agape: Faith in a Technological Age - 3 credits
    PL 215 or PL 216 Ethics or Ethical Problems - 3 credits
  • Requirements for a Minor in Business Data Analytics

    Data Analytics Minor (19 credits)

    Two Statistics Courses

    MA 311 Probability and Statistics I - 3 credits
    MA 312 Probability and Statistics II - 3 credits or BA 350 Statistics I - 3 credits
    BA 351 Statistics II - 3 credits or PY 203 Statistics I - 3 credits
    PY 204 Statistics II - 3 credits

    Three data science courses

    DS 100 Introduction to Data Science - 3 credits
    CS Python 1 - 3 credits
    DS 300 Methods of Data Science - 3 credits

    Three elective courses

    CS 110 C++ Programming I - 3 credits
    BA 355 Advanced Business Analytics - 3 credits
    BA 106 Data Visualization - 3 credits
    BL Bioinformatics - 3 credits
    SO 248 Epidemiology - 3 credits
    ES 220 Introduction to GIS - 3 credits
    EC 360 Econometrics - 3 credits

Your Degree at Work

LinkedIn named both analytical reasoning and business analysis among the most sought-after skills by employers in 2020. From tech to history, the sheer volume of data drives the demand for professionals who can make use of it – and companies that refuse to accept this are left behind. Our bachelor’s in business data analytics program graduates are uniquely poised for success with the technical skills to interpret data, as well as the communications skills to share the insights effectively.

Career Options:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Investment Fund Manager
  • Corporate Strategy Analyst
  • Social Media Data Analyst
  • Actuary


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The McKenna School of Business has seven programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). They are: Accounting, Business Education Information Technology, Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Management and Marketing. Two new programs in Business Data Analytics (launched Fall 2020) and Sports Management (launching Fall 2021) are in candidacy for accreditation.



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