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Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government

The mission of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government is to prepare students to be:

  • Effective business and professional leaders 
  • Responsible and successful participants in a dynamic market economy 
  • Principled civic leaders and public servants 
  • Skillful managers of technology 
  • Thoughtful contributors to the intellectual and scholarly world

This mission is achieved via the McKenna School philosophy, which is based on the intellectual and moral traditions of Western civilization. As such, the McKenna School provides a challenging curriculum that addresses contemporary issues and professional needs as well as the enduring concerns of human experience.

The hallmark of a McKenna School education is practical knowledge combined with scholarly experience. As part of Saint Vincent College, the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government educates students in the liberal arts tradition so that they are well prepared for successful and rewarding lives.

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Why Choose the McKenna School

McKenna NetworkingSince birth, you have been exchanging information with others, in order to learn and grow. That is networking and it is key to a successful career. The Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government will help you build on these skills and prepare you for your future.

As a student in the McKenna School at Saint Vincent College, you will observe a scholarly, disciplined approach to life, be accepted unconditionally, challenged intellectually, nurtured spiritually and taught, by example, to pursue a full life. You will experience:

  • Outstanding opportunities to interact with a diverse group of faculty, skilled in disciplines directly and indirectly related to your major. 
  • A wide variety of internships, work-study and student research fellowships.
  • Upper-level job leads and interaction with the broader business and professional community. 
  • Networking with Saint Vincent College alumni. 
  • Valuable links to future career options, such as advice from successful Saint Vincent College alumni. 
  • Hearing and meeting top scholars from prominent universities and think tanks (the Center for Political and Economic Thought, with one of the strongest lecture and conference programs in the country, sponsors 15 - 25 renowned speakers each year).
  • Developing your network and networking skills, not only at school, but at professional conferences and extracurricular programs.

And, after experiencing all of the above, you can rest confidently, knowing that your degree from the McKenna School at Saint Vincent College offers: 

  • A solid academic foundation 
  • Small classes headed by faculty who love to teach and offer personal attention 
  • A close network of students, faculty, staff and Catholic Benedictine monks (a distinguishing feature of a Saint Vincent College education)
  • Numerous opportunities for practical experience in business and government 
  • A lifetime of relationships which reflect a priceless investment
The McKenna School Business Core Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will have significant knowledge in the 12 core areas of:
  • Accounting; Economics; Finance; Management; Marketing; Management Information Systems; International Business; Legal Environment of Business; Statistics; Quantitative Skills; Strategic Management; and Business Ethics.