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Sacred Music

Sacred Music

  • Minor

The Sacred Music Program

The Sacred Music minor is designed to provide students from any school of the College with formation in the arts and disciplines of Sacred Music performance. Intended for students with previous musical experience who wish to advance in their training, this minor will support and provide structure to their interests in Catholic/Christian sacred music traditions

Curriculum Requirements

  • Prerequisites

    An audition is required for entrance into this minor.

  • Requirements for a Minor in Sacred Music

    Required Courses (Total 18 credits):
    MU 090 Recital attendance - 0 credits
    MU-325 Primary Instrument - 6 credits (1 credit per semester) from one of the following: Voice, Organ, Sacred Music Composition, Gregorian Chant
    Gregorian Chant study - 2 credits from MU 250 Chant Summer Workshops or one semester of MU 325
    MU-280 Sacred Music Practicum - 1 credit (2 semesters)
    MU-185 Saint Vincent Camerata and/or Camerata Scholars - 6 credits (6 semesters)
    Choose one Music Theory or Music History Course (3 credits):
    MU 115 Fundamentals - 3 credits
    MU 205 Sight Singing- 3 credits
    MU 208 Harmony I - 3 credits
    MU 104 Monasticism - 3 credits
    MU 106 World Music - 3 credits
    MU 108 Baroque/Classical - 3 credits
    MU 109 Romantic/Contemporary

Program Highlights

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of their college education, Sacred Music students at Saint Vincent College have completed:

  • private lessons on an instrument or voice, in Gregorian Chant or in sacred composition;
  • participation in specialized choral performances (concert and liturgical); and
  • supervised liturgical practice (cantoring, small choral ensemble singing, directing, organ service playing).