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Hazing Report

Hazing Report

On Oct. 19, 2018, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed the “Timothy J. Piazza Anti-Hazing Law,” which defines hazing, sets forth different grades of the offense and related penalties, describes institutional enforcement and report requirements and provides a safe harbor provision.

Saint Vincent College’s Student Handbook bans hazing and other offensive behaviors, and Saint Vincent makes every effort to investigate and address reported allegations of hazing. In accordance with a provision in this newly adopted Pennsylvania State Law, Saint Vincent College has no reported incidents classified as hazing for the time period of January 2014 through January 2019.

If you or anyone you know has or is experiencing any form of hazing, please contact Saint Vincent’s Office of Public Safety at 724-805-2311 or or use the anonymous reporting form.

To review an overview of the Timothy J. Piazza Anti-Hazing Law, visit:

To read the full text of the Pennsylvania State Law, Act No. 2018-80, S.B. 1090, see:

Hazing Reports

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