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Success Stories

Success Stories

Preparing for successful careers and meaningful lives.

Founded in 1846, Saint Vincent is the first Benedictine college in the United States and the 200-acre campus today is home to more than 1,800 students. As a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts college, Saint Vincent, together with the adjoining archabbey, seminary and parish, welcomes all students of faiths, and of no faith, and is grounded in the Benedictine ideals of community, hospitality and stability. Saint Vincent College’s academic program combines the breadth of a liberal arts foundation with depth in more than 50 degree programs. The core curriculum offers clarity of students’ understanding of the world and strengthens their ability to think critically and communicate effectively. High-quality facilities include the $14 million Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Digital Media, the $45 million Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion and the new Dale. P Latimer Library, along with traditional historic buildings which create an atmosphere of academic excellence and intensity of opportunity.

Our students find success at SVC


Michael Navarro

Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, 2016
Business Management Major, Operational Excellence Minor
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent College has helped me to excel in my major. Tutors are extremely helpful, and professors are always willing to help. Saint Vincent provides teachers who are prepared to give you personal attention and genuinely care about your success.”

Kristina Kuba

Derry Area High School, 2015
Accounting Major, Criminology, Law and Society, Forensic Studies – Financial Investigations Minors
SVC Class of 2019

“Saint Vincent College has helped me excel in my accounting major by letting me have the opportunity to learn from some of the best educators I have ever met. The professors I have had so far in my studies have provided me with many new lessons that I am confident will help me succeed in later courses and also with my career in the future. I have been blessed to have such wonderful and personable professors during my studies, and I cannot thank them enough for all the insight they have given me thus far into my college career.”

Isabella Molinaro

Upper Saint Clair High School, 2017
Biology Major
SVC Class of 2021

“Saint Vincent has helped me expand my knowledge and desire to learn more and more. This school has challenged me in more ways than one, and I have already become a stronger individual overall in my academics and personality. This program at Saint Vincent has also helped me realize how many options I have for my future career and this school is dedicated to getting me to where I need to go.”

Francis King

Greensburg Salem High School, 2017
Mathematics -- Secondary Education
SVC Class of 2021

“Saint Vincent has helped me grow as a person by meeting the many wonderful people involved with the Saint Vincent community and learning things from them that I can use in my life. Saint Vincent has helped me excel in my major by giving me the proper guidance from my professors and fellow students to achieve my goals. Saint Vincent has helped prepare me for my career by having so many opportunities to get myself out there and meet people in the workforce and learn from them so I can be successful.”

Kayla Slovenec

Fox Chapel High School, 2016
Communication Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent has helped me grow tremendously since I first arrived. I came in undecided and not knowing what I wanted my path to be in life. With the help of many professors, friends, my basketball coach and the Opportunity Office, I was able to have support that gave me confidence in becoming a communication major. I have grown as a student and have learned so much valuable knowledge that I know will carry with me after I graduate. I am lucky to have Saint Vincent as my second home.”

Ryan P. McElhinney

Norwin High School, 2016
Physics Major, Mathematics and Education Minors
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent wants you to succeed and offers many study opportunities so that you can excel in your major. For example, there are weekly collaborative learning programs, highly available tutors and it is very easy to meet personally with a professor. I can only imagine how prepared I, and most of my classmates, will be for the jobs we are pursuing after four years.”

Maddie Leya

Seton LaSalle Catholic  High School, 2016
Accounting Major, Operational Excellence Minor
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent College has helped me grow as a person spiritually and professionally. It has given me the chance to grow closer to God through opportunities such as retreats, praise and worship nights, and fellowship within the community. Saint Vincent has excellent professors who are willing to help in and outside of the classroom, providing guidance and advice. My advisor has recommended me for the SAP Business One program that is a special Saint Vincent-only opportunity, and through the study abroad process, I will be studying in Rome, Berlin and London. Saint Vincent has and will provide me with incredible opportunities and experiences that will leave me well-prepared for a successful future.”

Scott Myers  

Hempfield Area High School, 2017
Biochemistry Major
SVC Class of 2021

“Saint Vincent has given me the opportunity to succeed both in the classroom and through the exemplary career services made available. Coming to Saint Vincent helped me realize my potential and has pushed me to achieve.”

Hannah Earhart

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency
Middle Grade Education Major with English/Language Arts Concentration
SVC Class of 2018

“When I began at Saint Vincent, I knew my time here would be full of new people and experiences, but I was unaware of just how greatly they would impact me. New friendships allowed me to look at the world from different perspectives, and I was welcomed into a faith-centered community and second family. Every professor I have worked with, especially in the Education Department, has shown passion and enthusiasm for their subject. As an education major, field experience in schools is a priority from the start. Not only have I been given many opportunities to work hands-on in my field of study, but Saint Vincent continues to provide me with the knowledge, skills and relationships, that will aid, guide and strengthen, much longer than any career.”

Sharon Nincke

Greensburg Central Catholic High School, 2015
Marketing Major, Communication Minor 
SVC Class of 2018

“Between working in the Admission office and prefecting, I have grown immensely as a person. Being a prefect has pushed me and has also put me out of my comfort zone, but it has taught me that I am capable of handling much more than I ever thought I could. Saint Vincent was a natural choice for me as the environment is warm and welcoming. I can say that Saint Vincent has become my second home.”

Michael Marinchak

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, 2015
Engineering Science Major
SVC Class of 2019

“Forward, always forward, everywhere forward!" Those are the words of Boniface Wimmer, the founder of the Benedictine monastery at Saint Vincent. Since joining Saint Vincent College, that is the only place where my education has been moving, ‘forward.’ The Saint Vincent community of students, faculty and religious men has continuously inspired and emboldened my pursuit of a degree in engineering. My very life has been enhanced by the experiences I have each and every day on campus. It is an absolute blessing to be part of this caring community.”

Mary Person

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 2017
Biology Major
SVC Class of 2021

“Saint Vincent has helped me in a lot of ways. It has helped me grow and meet new people, young and old. I have made some amazing lifelong friends at SVC. I have learned a lot about myself and other people. Also, my adviser has helped me in preparing for my major and career path. I think it’s great that SVC has an adviser given to you for your major, because they are very helpful with finding your way through all four years.”

Maria Franey

Franklin Regional Senior High School, 2015
Biochemistry Major
SVC Class of 2019

“Attending Saint Vincent College has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life because not only does it have excellent education standards, it also provides opportunities for students to learn outside of the usual classroom setting. The entire campus exudes a welcoming atmosphere, and people with varying interests and views find ways to get along. They cooperate in order to make their organization, as well as each other, better. That's why I love SVC. Here, it's not about becoming a great student, it's about becoming a great person.”

Justin Hoffman

Norwin High School, 2016
Biology Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent’s community is well-rounded to help assess any situation a student may have. The staff helped me through situations that helped me grow as an individual and a student.”

Wade Rashilla

Ligonier Valley High School, 2018
Accounting and Finance Major
SVC Class of 2022

“I have taken advantage of the Center for Political and Economic Thought lectures offered at the Fred Rogers Center. One that particularly stood out to me was the lecture on the 2018 Tax Act which will help with my career as an accountant. The Career Center provides some great advice on everything from resume reading to internships; I was able to apply for several even though I am only a freshman. The small class sizes have helped me to get to know my professors a bit more. They are always willing to help students; they make themselves easily accessible through their office hours and email.”

Gage McCracken

Norwin High School, 2016
Mathematics Major
SVC Class of 2020

“Saint Vincent has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of life, while also becoming a more self-sufficient person.”


Naomi Schwaiger

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 2015
International Business Major, Marketing and German Minors 
SVC Class of 2019

“Saint Vincent has allowed me to create a lot of relationships with people with many different interests and perspectives on numerous things. Being surrounded by this allowed me to grow as a person by understanding different people. The professors at Saint Vincent are wonderful and are so willing to help you succeed.”