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The Gary Quinlivan Operational Excellence Lab

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Saint Vincent College’s McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government is home to the highly ranked Master of Science in Management: Operational Excellence program, the undergraduate minor in Operational Excellence, and the award-winning Kennametal Center for Operational Excellence. For nearly two decades, the McKenna School’s focus on Operational Excellence has produced a world-class faculty of national and regional experts in organizational culture, positive leadership, improvement management, production management and strategic management. The Lab allows our faculty to extend our offerings to organizations pursuing our unique version of Operational Excellence.

What We Do

Offering seminars and simulations, the Lab is a high-performance learning environment focusing on the three Lean Management principles: people, organizations and processes.

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Our simulation platform is a micro-manufacturing setting featuring a notebook assembly “factory.” We configure our simulations so learning teams experience the thrill of dramatically improving quality and productivity. Unlike other lean simulation labs, the Lab also features a fully integrated SAP Business One enterprise resource program experience.

We allow participants to take their Operational Excellence learning and experiences to a new level by entering our live production environment. Using lean tools and Operational Excellence improvement methodologies, they overcome problems and obstacles that prevent the process from being effective and efficient. Our faculty also provides custom lean and Operational Excellence training seminars that use our simulation platform and other practical learning experiences.


How we do it

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Operational Excellence is the on-going effort to improve an organization’s processes, products, or services. Operational Excellence is a mindset that embraces certain principles and methodologies to create sustainable improvement within an organization. Learners who participate in our lab simulations or seminars will broaden their knowledge of core management and operational principles that are applicable, regardless of industry. OE lab participants also learn how to effectively document processes, identify problems, understand key metrics, and develop effective countermeasures to improve organizational performance. The advantage of the OE lab is that it allows students and participants to move from passive to active learning by going from reading, seeing, and hearing, to participating and experiencing.  

About our Master of Science in Management: Operational Excellence program

Our Master of Science in Management: Operational Excellence program is a world-ranked program through U.S. News & World Report. Students will take their business knowledge to the next level by experiencing a curriculum focused on preparing future and current managers for major challenges that they will face in today’s environment. With expert faculty and opportunities to continue learning through graduate certificates, students excel in the field of operational excellence.

Interested in using the Operational Excellence Lab? Contact Us!

For more information on the lab or our world-class programs, please contact Dr. Terrance Smith at 724-805-2509 or